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Denise's Tattoo: "A Beautiful Mistake"

Posted By CaitlinBergmann 5:30pm GMT

On Sunday's episode of "Army Wives," Denise Sherwood hopped on her bike and visited a local tattoo parlor with BFF Claudia Joy Holden (who arrived safely, via car!) to finally get the "ink" she's been contemplating. With Frank out of the country and an unstoppable newfound sense of freedom, no better time than the present, right?

myLifetime.com member ivymoon32 posts, "I would really like to get a tattoo like the one Denise got and if anyone knows where I can get a picture like that please let me know." Well, ivymoon32, you're in luck!

Army Wives' Denise Sherwood (Catherine Bell) shows off her tattoo design to best friend Claudia Joy Holden (Kim Delaney)

Denise reveals that her tattoo is Sanskrit (a historical Indo-Aryan language) for "beautiful mistake." If Frank had reservations about Denise working and riding around a mean bike on post, what do you think his reaction will be once he sees this (very permanent!) tattoo on her wrist?

Would you get Denise's tattoo?

If anyone had some seriously impressive psychic powers, you may have been the winner of our "guess Denise's tattoo" blog giveway! I'll be the first to admit ... didn't see this one coming, but it's a cool choice! We'll announce the winner soon, so keep checking back here on the blog to see if you've won a copy of "Army Wives" by Tanya Biank.

Miss Sunday's episode? No worries. Kick back and watch Episode 15 of "Army Wives" now.


"Army Wives" Gives Back ... and So Can You

Posted By CaitlinBergmann 9:37pm GMT

Lifetime is making dreams come true for real Army wives. The women honored this year were surprised with gifts such as a home makeover, a dream honeymoon and a new car, plus a chance to meet the stars of "Army Wives."

Do you know a real-life military spouse who should be honored by Lifetime? You'll have the chance soon to nominate that deserving spouse on myLifetime.com.

If you missed the clip during tonight's episode of Wendy Davis visiting Army wife Kelly Sloan of Georgia, watch now:


A New Army Wife? Find Out October 5 at 10 pm et/pt!

Posted By CaitlinBergmann 2:40pm GMT

When an all-new episode of "Army Wives" returns on October 5, we meet a new Army wife on post who ruffles a few feathers, played by actress and dancer Mayte Garcia.

Learn more about the new addition and the other exciting events to expect in the coming weeks of "Army Wives." In this preview it also looks like Denise Sherwood is really going ahead with getting a tattoo! What do you think she will choose for her new "ink"?

Post your guesses here on the blog, and one winner will be chosen to receive a copy of Tanya Biank's book that inspired the series, "Army Wives." Go on and have at it! Read the rules here.


Season 2 Finale: November 2

Posted By CaitlinBergmann 6:09pm GMT

Good news for all you die-hard fans out there! All-new episodes of "Army Wives" will air beginning this Sunday, October 5 at 10 pm et/pt, through the Season 2 finale, November 2.

Rumor also has it that (appropriately enough) Rumer Willis, daughter of Demi Moore and Bruce Willis, will be making a guest appearance in the next few episodes as a soldier's wife on post.

What else are you expecting in this exciting season of "Army Wives" as it comes to a close? And what will you do to hold yourself over until Season 3 premieres?! Thank goodness for those "Army Wives" DVDs! Speaking of which, we'll be giving a lot more of those out here on the blog soon, so keep checking back.

Have at it, as Pamela would say, and sound off here on the blog.


Who Is Pamela's Stalker, Anyway? Find Out Now!

Posted By CaitlinBergmann 5:12pm GMT

Who is Pamela's stalker, exactly? I'd love to know more about this mystery man's M.O. too, but at least I can help answer one question for you — the identity of the actor who plays him!

myLifetime.com member Brightstar861 posts, "Could someone please tell me who the actor is who played Tim? I know I've seen him before, and yes I'm glad that Pamela gave it to him too! Go Pamela!!"

Pamela's stalker, Tim, is played by actor Pablo Schreiber, half-brother of Tony Award–winning actor Liev Schreiber (whose fiancée, by the way, is the gorgeous and equally talented Naomi Watts).

Maybe we'll learn more about why Pamela became his target in the coming weeks on "Army Wives"?

Remember: An all-new episode of your favorite show returns on October 5 at 10 pm et/pt!


Ep. 14 Recap: Michael Holden's Rage Rules

Posted By CaitlinBergmann 12:37am GMT

Diplomat Paolo Ruiz faces the music, but General Michael Holden doesn't like the tune in another dramatic episode of "Army Wives."  After Claudia Joy's attack, General Holden confronts Paolo, who seems to place the blame on the "mixed signals" he claimed to be receiving from his wife.

During some stern instructions from the Pentagon, General Holden learns that Paolo will be receiving diplomatic immunity, a revoked visa and a mere slap on the wrist for the attack, and even learns that Paolo requests that he be present at the diplomat's departure from post.

Were you shocked to see how Michael reacted to the news? Do you think he crossed the line of following orders and protocol and became too emotional? How do you think he handled it differently than Claudia Joy's hostage situation in Season 1 when he was in charge of the negotiations?

Why don't you post your thoughts here on the blog and share them with your fellow "Army Wives" fans now?

Miss the episode? Don't fret. Watch Episode 14 ("Payback") online now.


Ep: 14 Preview: Pamela Takes Control While Trevor Loses His

Posted By CaitlinBergmann 10:45am GMT

Is Trevor truly committed to getting his life back on track without the crutch of painkillers? Will Pamela take her stalker head on after he threatens her children's safety? Who's strong enough to tackle their tribulations head-on?

Watch a preview of this Sunday's all-new episode of "Army Wives":


Ep. 13: A Dramatic Evening of "Army Wives" Has Claudia Joy Fighting Back

Posted By CaitlinBergmann 10:56pm GMT

Tonight's episode was very emotional and shocking. Trevor's drug addiction has him hitting rock bottom, Joan's baby girl is delivered prematurely, Denise and Frank solidify their separation as their son goes off to war, Pamela's stalker gets aggressive and Claudia Joy fights back unwanted advances ... with a cliffhanger ending.

Please share your views on what you thought about what happened with others here on the blog.

If you missed tonight's "Army Wives," watch the full streaming episode right now.


Read a Juicy Excerpt from "Army Wives" by Tanya Biank

Posted By CaitlinBergmann 2:33pm GMT

"Army Wives" author (and real-life Army wife) Tanya Biank dished the dirt on all the behind-the-scenes news from the set of "Army Wives" as a guest blogger, but how many of you have read her book that inspired the hit series? Now's your chance!

Read a juicy excerpt from "Army Wives" and find out what you've been missing:


"Army Wives" by Tanya Biank

That night at the Lafayette Ballroom, after dinner, songs from the 82nd Airborne Division Chorus, a video clip, and speeches, the dancing finally began. As Andrea Lynne headed across the room, a married col- onel caught her by the elbow. Colonel Lance Mifton was drunk, and he looked Andrea Lynne up and down as if she were a dessert.

"You're going to dance with me later, right?" he said.

Andrea Lynne was caught off guard. "Sure, just come on out on the floor and grab me," she answered. But the colonel wouldn't let go of her arm.


Ep. 12: Pamela's Mystery Man & Denise's Strained Marriage

Posted By CaitlinBergmann 11:05pm GMT

How about tonight's return of all-new episodes of "Army Wives"? Pamela's (scary) secret admirer, "Tim," crosses the line and gives Pamela quite a scare. Even a tough-talking former cop can be shaken by a traumatic situation like this!

Who is this mystery man? Is it a fan who crossed the line, Chase just playing around (in a totally un-funny way!), or could it be that this is all in Pamela's head?

Speaking of theories, what do you think will come of Denise and Frank's strained marriage? It seems like Denise is truly putting in all the effort lately, and Frank is being way too dismissive about her point of view. Can they work it out or will they go their separate ways and eventually have to break the hard truth to their son Jeremy? Post your thoughts here on the blog.

Watch this sneak peek of Episode 13 and more of Pamela's stalker-at-large: