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Team Denise or Team Claudia Joy? Vote Now!

Posted By Antonia L. 9:51pm GMT

The tension between the two "Army Wives" BFFs during their confrontation was fantastic drama! And now it's time to choose a side, folks. Do you feel bad for Denise, who had her best friend slam a door in her face during a time of need? Remember that Denise lost her job and her lover all in one day! Or do you agree with Claudia Joy that Denise is no victim and that she brought her misery upon herself by cheating?


A Tough Week to Be a Soldier!

Posted By Antonia L. 10:06pm GMT

Episode 3 of “Army Wives” definitely had a few unexpected turns. Lots of drama for the soldiers at Fort Marshall! It looks like Trevor’s military career is sinking like the Titanic after a mishap with one of his soldiers when he was acting as team leader. Loyal-to-the-core Joan tries to stand up for him, but all that does is fuel her ongoing feud with the new second-in-command, Evan Connors. And then there’s Frank … poor Frank. Everyone but Frank seems to know that his wife has cheated for sure, and now he’s being sent home to hear it for himself from Denise.

On the upside, Pamela’s getting a new house, Roxy made money to fend off the IRS, and, best of all, Michael shows up at the eleventh hour, just when Claudia Joy was at her wit’s end with her daughter Emmalin’s antics.

Which soldier had the worst week?

Be sure to watch this week’s original webisode as Jeremy’s story continues, only online.

Sound off in the "Army Wives" Community about tonight's episode! See what other fans think of Season 3, then watch it online on myLifetime.com, beginning Monday morning.


Brian McNamara Reporting for “Army Wives” Community Duty!

Posted By LifetimeRebecca 1:56pm GMT

Brian McNamara, the actor who plays Colonel Michael Holden in “Army Wives”, recently posted a thank you to real military families in the Army Wives community. Joining the community isn’t the only way that he contributes to the site and to the real military families that come to myLifetime.com for support, however. He also directs our exclusive Army Wives webisodes.

Here’s his message to the community:

“I am Brian McNamara. I play Gen. Michael Holden on ARMY WIVES. I've been reading your comments and just wanted to say thank you for your support. We all love doing the show as much as you love watching and we are all proud of the show. To all military families reading this, THANK YOU most especially for your service and sacrifice.”

It’s great to know that Mr. McNamara is as invested in this show as we are, and is reading what our community members have to say. If you haven’t yet joined the Army Wives community, what are you waiting for? We have the show as well as a place for real military wives, in addition to other fun community activities. Come join us; you never know who might be reading!

Episode Recap: "About Face" (Season 3, Episode 2)

Posted By CaitlinBergmann 2:00am GMT

Another great "Army Wives" episode! Claudia Joy learns that pulling an about face isn't so easy when it comes to moving. While tackling the wave of emotions from a moody Emmalin, rerouting medical records, scouting new places to live and returned furniture with nowhere to go, she manages to keep cool when her frienemy Jennifer Connor shows up to take measurements ... for her future home. The nerve!


Watch the Episode 2 Trailer Now & Get the Scoop on a Special Marathon

Posted By CaitlinBergmann 7:00pm GMT

What's next for poor Denise? She's been dismissed by her closest friends, and can't seem to find her way. Watch this clip of this Sunday's all new episode of "Army Wives," airing at 10 pm/et.

By the way: don't miss some of the best episodes from Season 2 on Saturday, June 13, beginning at 11 am et/pt, followed by the premiere episode of Season 3.


Episode Recap: Season 3 Premiere

Posted By CaitlinBergmann 2:38pm GMT

Can you believe that much happened in one hour? Let's start with Denise's downfall. She lost her job, her lover, her friends' respect and maybe her family all in one episode. Talk about having a bad day! Life for the Holdens doesn't seem much easier at the moment either. Michael is leaving Claudia Joy behind so she can help provide a more stable situation for Emmalin. That's equally heartbreaking to see them splitting up, even if it's a temporary thing. On the lighter side, it was fun watching Pamela slip back into her former kick-butt cop role in order to help Roxy bust Collin, who, by the way, is no more related to the late Betty than you or me.

There are so many stick-in-your-mind scenes from this week's episode — those moments you have to talk about afterward. Definitely one of them is when a distraught Jeremy calls home to confront his mom about separating from his dad. Wonder if Jeremy will find out about Denise's cheating ways to make matters worse? Well, wonder no more! You can watch the exclusive webisode below to find out. His story continues online in this video directed by "Army Wives" star Brian McNamara. Enjoy and stay tuned for more blog updates all week. (And a little exclusive tidbit for you: Next week's webisode will reveal more about how Jeremy feels about Denise and other issues from his past.)

What Was Your Favorite Moment Tonight?

Season 3 Premiere Plots

Talk about all things Season 3 premiere in the "Army Wives" Community with fellow fans now.


Premiere "Army Wives" Webisode: "Separation Anxiety"

Posted By CaitlinBergmann 2:30pm GMT

Watch the first webisode for "Army Wives" Season 3, featuring Jeremy Sherwood, directed by Brian McNamara (a.k.a. Michael Holden) now:

Check back each Sunday after "Army Wives" for brand new webisodes!


"Army Wives" Season 3 Is Just a Few Hours Away!

Posted By CaitlinBergmann 2:18pm GMT

The premiere is tonight at 10 pm et/pt! Need a game plan for after the show? We've got one for you:

Step 1: Catch your breath! A lot happened on tonight's show. Trust us, we know.

Step 2: Watch the original webisode going live right after the show. We'll be airing new ones weekly online and continue the stories where they left off during the show. The first webisode features Jeremy's character and is directed by Brian McNamara (a.k.a. Michael Holden).

Step 3: Talk about the show. It's time to connect with other fans and real military wives. Can't find a discussion you want to join? Start your own!

Step 4: Enter the Salute Beauty Sweepstakes presented by Mary Kay and you could get tips on how to look like one of the "Army Wives" stars plus win cash and a trip to Hawaii!

Step 5: Get the scoop on all things "Army Wives" while you're waiting for next week's episode. Be the first to know — check out the blog, Twitter, Facebook and coming soon: our iPhone application.

Enjoy the show! We'll be posting again after the premiere.


Don't Miss the "Army Wives" Season 3 Premiere Tomorrow at 10 pm et/pt

Posted By CaitlinBergmann 10:12pm GMT

It's been far too long since we had our last dose of "Army Wives" on Lifetime! When we last left our favorite show characters, new mom Joan got her deployment orders, Roxy was on the verge of losing Betty's Bar, Pamela's radio show went straight to new Army wife Jennifer, Denise cheated and slept with a former patient. Plus one more thing: Claudia Joy's teenage daughter ran away with her soldier boyfriend right before the family was leaving for Brussels!

If you need a refresher course on last season (or the last two), check out Army Wives Connections on our site. You can catch up on all the events and how the characters are connected. It's the perfect way to get ready for the show premiere, tomorrow at 10 pm et/pt.

Keep checking back tomorrow pre, during and post-show for all the latest "Army Wives" updates! In the meantime, join the discussions happening in the "Army Wives" Community and let your voice be heard!


Connect With "Army Wives"

Posted By CaitlinBergmann 9:24pm GMT

Wow! The big premiere is only two days away. Follow us on Twitter (@armywives) for on-the-go updates and to connect with other "Army Wives" fans during the episode.

Speaking of connecting, have you seen the brand new "Army Wives" Connections yet? Lovers, friends, enemies and everything in between are all part of the journey on "Army Wives." Reexperience the moments that made Seasons 1 and 2 with video clips, photos and more. It's your chance to see how all the characters are related. We'll be adding more throughout Season 3!