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New Video: Terry Serpico a.k.a. Frank Sherwood Sheds Some Light on His Character

Posted By CaitlinBergmann 12:10pm GMT

Since last night's surprising war games scene between Frank Sherwood and Evan Connor was so awesomely gratifying, don't miss the latest "Army Wives" video featuring actor Terry Serpico:

What do you think of Frank Sherwood? Is he coming around in these latest episodes of "Army Wives" or what? Sound off!

Who Is Frank Sherwood?


Episode 8 Recap: the Sauciest Episode Yet?

Posted By CaitlinBergmann 8:40pm GMT

A sexy French maid uniform, a naughty Santa’s helper costume and edible undies ... oh my!

Sure, there were battle strategies, espionage, gunfire and all the usual stuff that comes with war games. Bottom line: Joan kicked Evan’s butt in this military exercise, and boy, did he have it coming! We knew one day he would get his, and we knew Joan would be the one to lower the boom. But let’s move on to more important things, like the sexy-products sale going on at Pamela’s house ... That’s what happened when Pamela encouraged one of the other Army wives to find a way to make money working from home. Who knew she’d end up selling for Aphrodite Unlimited, a company to help wives serve up a “dessert to make their tired husbands beg for seconds”?

Secret confession time: Which of these items from the episode would you buy? Time to vote!

What Saucy Item Would You Buy?

And what about that steamy last scene with Roland? Any guess on what Roland was wearing? Let’s hear it ... have at it. We’ll feature the most original answer in our next "Army Wives" newsletter.


Gather Round With "Army Wives" on Sundays

Posted By CaitlinBergmann 1:35pm GMT

The official "Army Wives" Twitter and "Army Wives" Facebook is buzzing with updates on how many of you spending "Army Wives" gatherings on Sunday nights, and we want to know more!

Here's one of the stories "Army Wives" fan Brittany E. shared with us:

My friends and I, all military wives/fiancees, gather around the TV with comfort food and tissues. All of our men are deployed right now, so being together, watching women who are going through the same situations, helps us through. Plus, it helps us mark every week that's passed! :)

Tell us your Sunday night ritual! Pajamas and popcorn? Party with fellow wives? Share with us on Facebook and in our "Army Wives" Community now.


The Holdens Get Closure

Posted By CaitlinBergmann 1:45pm GMT

In this week’s episode, the last member of the Holden family to shed a few tears over their fallen family member finally gets her chance. It takes new house guest, Haneen, to bring Emmaline’s feelings to the forefront, but once they’re out, there’s an avalanche of emotion that even stalwart Claudia Joy doesn’t know how to handle.

As for the other women on post, it’s been an exciting week. Denise and Frank find that their second trip to couples therapy may be just the answer to their broken relationship. Pamela adjusts to coaching a football team with a religious co-coach. Roxy does her best to adjust to the new member of her family, Lucky the dog. And Joan gets down to business when she goes head-to-head with Evan during some Army War Games!

Are the Holdens finally ready to move on from Amanda’s death?

Do you think it's about time that Evan gets a little karma back his way? Let us know!


Vote on the Biggest "Army Wives" Cheater!

Posted By CaitlinBergmann 3:43pm GMT

So many affairs in one show! Will there be one this season? Tell us your prediction below for a chance to win an "Army Wives" Season 2 DVD. Leave a comment and you're eligible to win! (Read the "Army Wives" DVD Sweepstakes Official Rules here.)

Also, it’s time to vote on the biggest cheater of all time. Vote below!

Who Is the Biggest "Army Wives" Cheater?

Time to have at it!


Have At It: Pam Versus Chase!

Posted By CaitlinBergmann 5:37pm GMT

In this week's episode, Chase comes home from serving his country and wants some say in what goes on in his home. Pamela wants to run things in the way she always does and needs to do in order to keep their house and children intact. Did you relate? Tell us. And weigh in on this week's poll:


"Army Wives" Star Katelyn Pippy Hits the Ice

Posted By CaitlinBergmann 5:30pm GMT

"Army Wives" star Katelyn Pippy (Emmalin Holden) has skills on the screen and on the ice! Katelyn's been knocking around pucks on the rink since she was a kid, and gets to show off those hockey skills in an upcoming episode of "Army Wives."

Katelyn Pippy and Kim Delaney

Read an interview with this multi-talented actress on the experience of getting to combine both of her loves, hockey and acting, in one take: "Episode Gives Star Best of Both Worlds" (Source: postandcourier.com)


Is This Marriage Ending Too Fast?

Posted By CaitlinBergmann 8:19pm GMT

Frank is home for what felt like the blink of an eye, and now these two are signing splitsville papers and Denise is moving away? Wow! Talk about a quickie divorce! Now it’s time to weigh in: Who are the optimistic romantics out there and who are the skeptical ones when it comes to the Sherwoods? Vote and let us know if you think these two should be calling it quits at warp speed without trying again.


Happy 4th From the "Army Wives" Cast!

Posted By CaitlinBergmann 4:55pm GMT

The stars from your favorite show have a special holiday message just for you. So besides enjoying this week’s episode and taking in some fireworks in honor of Independence Day, be sure to watch this clip and learn how you can help support military soldiers and their families this year.


Add Your Events to the New "Army Wives" Calendar!

Posted By CaitlinBergmann 12:09pm GMT

Have you see our new "Army Wives" calendar tool in Community?

Add your military family’s milestones or other events to your "Army Wives" calendar now and share them with the Community. Click "Add an Event" to share your milestone with others, or browse each day on the calendar to check out other members’ deployments, birthdays and more.

Start adding your moments now!