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Watch Roxy's Personal Message to Trevor

By kim_messina 09/30/2014 03:34PM GMT

Last week was a tough episode — for the Army wives and families at Fort Marshall and for the faithful fans watching along at home! From the comments here on the "Army Wives" Blog, it looks like we were all touched by the troops' deployment, as many of you could relate to what Roxy, Denise, Claudia Joy and Emmalin were going through as wives, mothers and daughters of soldiers.

In the newest "Army Wives" home movie, Pamela turns the camera on Roxy right after Trevor and his troops fly away. Watch below to see Roxy’s heartfelt message to her husband.

Phew! Hard not to tear up, right? But in true Roxy style, she always leaves us laughing. Besides a trip to Disney World, what else do you think is in store for Roxy and Trevor when he gets back from Iraq?

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