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Trevor's Moving Moment From "The Hero Returns"

By CaitlinBergmann Sun., Jul. 6, 2008 ,11:31 pm EDT

What did you think of tonight's amazing episode of "Army Wives"? Trevor's speech on Pamela's radio show about the importance of locating MIAs made me think of my mother's own experience with a similar situation.


A dear high school friend, Sgt. Frederick Burns, was separated from his ten-man patrol on Christmas Day, 1967 in Vietnam. He was captured by a Viet Cong patrol, and eventually died in captivity at age 19. He was buried by his fellow POWs, who remarked that throughout this ordeal, he never lost his gentle manners and kindness that so many, including my mother, knew him for.

His remains were found and returned to his hometown of New York in 1995. I was so glad to know my mother found some closure when he was finally reunited with his friends and family. Watching her locate his name on the Vietnam Memorial and trace a copy was a moment I'll never forget.


Did you miss tonight's episode? Watch the full streaming episode here: "Army Wives" Episode 5, "The Hero Returns"