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Team Denise or Team Claudia Joy? Vote Now!

By kim_messina 09/30/2014 03:35PM GMT

The tension between the two "Army Wives" BFFs during their confrontation was fantastic drama! And now it's time to choose a side, folks. Do you feel bad for Denise, who had her best friend slam a door in her face during a time of need? Remember that Denise lost her job and her lover all in one day! Or do you agree with Claudia Joy that Denise is no victim and that she brought her misery upon herself by cheating?

Now for the rest of the "Army Wives" Episode 4 recap… Michael gets promoted and is back for good. Rebel without a cause Emmlin put hot-pink stripes in her hair (no surprise, she is a teenager!). Pamela moved into a new place while an envious Roxy looked on. And the big shocker — new mommy Joan had a chance to stay home with her family, but asked to deploy and lead her brigade. Wow! If you want to know how the Burtons cope with this decision, then you should watch the original webisodes following their story online. See the first webisode below.

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