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First Look: See Susan Lucci on Sunday's Show

By LisaRaphael Thu., Mar. 15, 2012 ,2:18 pm EDT

The guest stars keep comin' on "Army Wives" Season 6, and Sunday's episode is one we've been waiting ever-so-impatiently for since the first second the news broke that "All My Children" star Susan Lucci would appear on this season. The time is now... well, this Sunday at 9/8c, when Susan joins the cast and the Army Wives as someone that will offer Claudia Joy sage advice on her budding rivalry with Jackie Clarke (played by Kelli Williams).

Get a first look at the mini-"All My Children" reunion with pictures of Susan Lucci from Sunday's show here! Do you notice another new face in the "Army Wives" crowd? Episode 4 will also feature country star Craig Morgan's appearance and performance. Stay tuned to the "Army Wives" Blog for an exclusive Q&A with the musician about his time on the show and visit the Episode 4 Music Guide now to peek at what songs he'll be playing.

Watch a preview for "Army Wives" Season 6, Episode 4 here!

Who has been your favorite "Army Wives" guest star from Season 6? What about favorite guest star of ALL TIME? Share your answer below!