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Should You Ever Keep a Secret?

By kim_messina 09/30/2014 03:35PM GMT

What Chase seems to be telling Pamela these days now is not exactly the whole truth or any truth at all. It’s one thing to keep quiet about being taking captive because the Army doesn’t want you to divulge what happened. It’s another to lie about enjoying some target practice with your buddy because you don’t feel like being with the wife and kids. Chase added insult to injury by fibbing to Pamela that he was visiting a sick soldier pal in the hospital. He’s so cloak and dagger these days!

And Chase isn’t the only one who isn't coming clean. Roland didn’t mention that little Sarah Elizabeth was sick to Joan because she had just deployed. Since Joan couldn’t exactly get home to do anything about it, he figured why worry her when she needed to concentrate on her men and her mission.

This sounds like the same approach that Jeremy is taking these days. He’s hurting about losing his friend and fellow soldier more than anyone realizes, but is keeping it bottled up from his folks, especially proud papa Frank. He doesn’t want to disappoint dear old dad.

But as we can see what happened with the Morans, covering things up rarely works and things can get pretty ugly when secrets get exposed. This got us thinking about our weekly poll. It’s time for you to have at it and vote:

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