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Our Exclusive Richard "Bubba" Bryant Interview: Part 3

By LifetimeLisaR Fri., Apr. 8, 2011 ,5:04 pm EDT

In true “Army Wives” fashion, I ended yesterday’s Bubba Bryant interview with a bit of a cliffhanger, stopping just as I turned the topic over to the ladies in Bubba’s life — both on screen and off! Read the third and final installment of my chat with the actor behind Jeremy Sherwood to find out if the star is single, whether he would date Amanda Holden or Tonya Gabriel in real life and what is in his (very bright) future.

Many of our Facebook and Twitter fans would switch places with Amanda and Tonya.
Well let 'em know that Bubba’s single!

I’ll put the word out, don’t worry! In real life would you fall for someone more like Tonya or Amanda?
Who would Bubba fall for?! Let America know; my perfect girl would be a girl that goes surfing with me, goes fishing with me and is just chill, calm, relaxed and loves life. 'Cause that’s what I am. I love life, I love people and to find a girl like that? She’s out there somewhere! Tell her I’m waiting — I’ll be waiting for her.

Will you be back in future episodes for flashbacks or anything like that?
Yes, Jeremy will surface in the next few episodes. They’re going to have flashbacks and everything. Let’s not count on or bet on Jeremy coming back in ghost form!

What do you think will happen to Tonya? A lot of people think that she’s pregnant.
I don’t know about the pregnancy thing because he… he wasn’t doing too much “romancing” out there. I mean, she could be pregnant… They definitely will continue to use her — she’s such a great actress. She’s from Julliard. This is her first film thing that she’s ever done. She was great. I mean, we would be doing takes — I would do like, four takes, and then Erin would get up there — one take wonder! ‘Great, Erin! Perfect!’ She could take Jeremy’s place in that they bonded with her, but time will tell. We don’t really know what’s going [to happen].

We have a strong Charleston, SC Twitter-base, and some of the fans have asked whether or not you plan on sticking around your hometown?
Yes! I’m a Charleston boy. I have 300 years of family in Charleston. My grandparents’ families have been here forever. I’ll be doing videotaped auditions, sending stuff out, but in the meantime, I’m not going to relocate to New York or Los Angeles. My grandfather told me that Charleston is the South’s best kept secret, (laughs) which I’m not really doing too much to keep. But Charleston’s amazing, if anyone wants to come down, they can come hear my band play at different bars around here!

Tell us more about your band!
It’s the Bubba Band! I’m the lead singer, and we play a lot of the hit songs on the radio and a lot of bar songs that you hear. We play a wide variety of popular songs; you know, anything ranging from “Baby Got Back” to “Simple Man” we cover “Crazy Game of Poker,” “Straight Up” by Paula Abdul. We have all the covers going on — I tab out all the stuff then teach it to the band.

I got started with the guitar when I used to play for Methodist youth around South Carolina and my youth minister was a statewide guitar player they would have play at different conferences. He taught me how to play. So when I started playing, I was playing for a group of people — and you’re playing with people you’re not performing. So when I’m playing at the bars, I’m playing with the people at the bar, I’m playing the songs that the people in the bar know all the words to and can sing along to. So it’s a fun time and definitely something that’s continuing. All of my songs are bluesy, jazzy — like Jack Johnson mixed with The Black Keys.

Getting back to the show, what will you miss most about your “Army Wives” family?
We did it for so long that it became a rhythm and going on set was a way for me to explore the art of acting. It was just so warm; there was no competition, there was no rushing. We just got to play, it was our little playground. And everybody knew each other and we’re all friends with each other, we’ve been together so long — I’m talking about crew, everybody! It’s a family, you know? It’s like high school. I’ve been through five years of it. They’re still going to be around, but… I’ve changed schools! It’s unfortunate, but it had to happen.

Who are you closest with on the show?
Terry and Catherine — they’re like my parents. I’m always hanging out with them, they’re always checking up on me. Terry was my roommate, so I will definitely say… Terry! But I can’t even say Terry more than Catherine because I hang out with both of them. I helped Catherine move the other day and when I was in Los Angeles, Catherine invited me to her house and showed me all the spots and everything. But I’m close with everyone on the show, they all take care of me. I was the little brother. They were so nice. I was so privileged to be part of such a mature cast. There’s really no BS in the vibe here. Someone told me, ‘you’ll get through the honeymoon period and then people will start talking about each other’ — it never happened. Ever. Literally. Never happened. It was a fantasy first big gig.

“Army Wives” may be a drama, but off-camera, do you have any favorite funny moments?
We were filming one time and one of the camera guys had a fishing rod and I got to go fishing in Army gear. I didn’t catch anything but fishing in Army gear is pretty fun. And Catherine always messes with me. That’s something I’ll miss too. Catherine always messes with me because she’s gorgeous, and I play her son (laughs) so she’ll be like, ‘come to Mama!’

What will you take from this role to your next projects?
The world! I literally was given the golden ticket working with Catherine Bell, Kim Delaney, Brian McNamara all the directors that come in, Terry Serpico, Wendy Davis — all of these huge actors just opened up their book and gave me acting skills, set skills, work ethic. I know how everything works and I know what doesn’t work and I know when to speak and when not to speak. All because of “Army Wives” — they showed me exactly how to do it. On other sets, things go so fast and people get frustrated and there’s more tension, but on the set of “Army Wives” there is laughing and playing. It’s a very comfortable set to learn on.

What are your dream projects for the future? Since you’re a self-proclaimed Romeo, would you want to do romantic comedies?
My dream job would be “The Avengers.” I like action movies, and things like that. I’m a sports guy, so of course I like doing that. And being under Terry’s wing, where he’s done all of the stunt stuff, that’s kind of what I want to do. But, movies! I want to continue to show the human condition. I’ve got it, I can make my body go, I can show what it is to be in certain different situations that humans go through and that’s why people watch. I want to continue to do that.

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