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Our Exclusive Richard "Bubba" Bryant Interview: Part 1

By LifetimeLisaR Wed., Apr. 6, 2011 ,5:40 pm EDT

Along with you, the 4.8 million "Army Wives" fans (and the 30,000-and-counting Twitter fans!) that tuned in to the episode that changed everything on Fort Marshall, I was devastated to say goodbye to our favorite Army son, Jeremy Sherwood.

Having started at Lifetime in the middle of Season 4 of "Army Wives," I'm (admittedly!) a late-to-the-game fan. But watching the show from Episode 1 at the same time as watching it in "real" time meant that I got to see the many sides of Jeremy — both his early struggles and the strong man he would grow to be.

After this season’s heart-breaking Episode 4, it seemed that I wasn't the only one who wanted more Jeremy — and more of the actor who plays him, Richard “Bubba” Bryant. After compiling questions from Twitter and Facebook friends, I caught up with Bubba (after a game of golf with his former cast mates) to talk all things “Army Wives” — okay, and be totally charmed by his Charleston drawl.

Hey, Bubba! You just finished a game of golf, I hear?
Bubba: We [Terry Serpico and Brian McNamara] just got off the golf course. Terry hit a little bit better than I did. We actually got third place in the golf tournament — Brian got second.

Sounds like fun! What has life since your last episode aired been like?
Facebook and the social networks have just been blowing up! So many people have been like, ‘thank you so much for the show,’ and ‘you did a great job. We’re going to miss you!’ So many different friends on facebook are asking me what I’m doing next — and I’m in Charleston right now looking for a job! (laughs) In the meantime, I’m going back to school for biology. In between jobs, I don’t want to be bartending. I’m a junior so I have a year and a half to two years left in biology.

What is the question you’ve been asked most often besides ‘what’s next’?
People have been asking me, ‘are you sad to get killed off?’ and I’m honored. I get butterflies in my stomach — I got to tell such an important story. It has nothing to do with me. This is a story that needed to be told and that “Army Wives” had the privilege of being able to touch so many people with. “Army Wives” had the opportunity of doing it with the development of Jeremy over the past five years. It’s such a cool thing that I get to be a part of. It’s going to be hard for me to find another job with such an important back story.

How did you find out what was going to happen with Jeremy?
Jeff [Melvoin, executive producer] called me right before Christmas and he was telling me about it. He felt really bad and not only are they losing me, but the character that they’ve been developing for so long! But it’s just something that has to happen or we wouldn’t be true to the story. The first reaction is ‘Damn it, I lost my job.’ And the second reaction is ‘My gosh, this is far beyond me!’ I’m a little bit a part of it but this is way beyond me and I’m so privileged to be a part of it.

Were you the first cast member to find out?
Yes! I was. And I had to keep it a secret.

Whoa, and you had to keep it a secret from the other actors? For how long?
(laughs) About a month or so. I talked to Catherine about it. Catherine was the only one who really knew about it before. I didn’t want it to be a big surprise [for her].

What was her reaction?
She was like, ‘oh my gosh,’ you know? She was baffled by it as well. Once everyone found out they were sad, they were like, ‘so sorry we’re going to lose you!’ It’s unfortunate, but it’s even more cool that I got to be a part of that story line. 4.8 million viewers — most watched “Army Wives” ever on Lifetime had my face all over it.

All of the fans had theories about who was going to die, did the cast know someone was going to die?
No, they didn’t know anything. They didn’t know what the story line was at all.

Here, we knew that someone was going to die — I waited to watch the show with the fans but had to find out who was going to die before the episode aired. A lot of the Facebook and Twitter followers thought it was going to be Chase.
Well see, it wouldn’t have been as powerful! He’s a husband, he’s around every now and then, but the ups and downs — the rollercoaster ride that the audience has been on with Jeremy makes him closer to their heart, that he’s a son. They saw him as a child and they saw him as a soldier. (laughs) So poetic! People have been telling me, you know, they see people die on other television shows and they see people die on [movies like] “Hurt Locker” and stuff like that, but there’s literally been a half of a decade of these people growing up with Jeremy and we got the golden ticket to tell the story and it fit perfectly. Terry Serpico was amazing, Catherine Bell was amazing. Those two — oh god!

Stay tuned to the "Army Wives" Blog and Official Facebook and Twitter to read Parts 2 & 3 of our interview with Richard "Bubba" Bryant as he answers fan questions, reveals his hidden talent and really makes us want to visit Charleston, SC!