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Happy New Years "Army Wives" Fans! Enjoy Another DVD Giveaway!

By Rachel C. Thu., Dec. 31, 2009 ,10:39 am EST

To help you celebrate the beginning of 2010 and the upcoming season of "Army Wives," we decided to kick things off with another DVD giveaway. So, here’s the topic: Come up with resolution for any of the "Army Wives" characters for you chance to win season two on DVD. Need some examples: Chase should have a resolution to compliment Pamela every day in order to let her know that she's appreciated. Or Roxy should have a resolution to forgive her mom and let her visit more this year. Or the Sherwoods could have a resolution to become the coolest motorcycling couple in the military.

The resolutions can be anything you want! The idea is to have a little fun here and for us to reward you for being such great show fans. Five lucky winners will win the DVD. Post your responses here on the blog. As always, don't forget to read the rules before you post. We can't wait to hear your ideas!