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Where to Buy: Molly's Lace Beanie

By LifetimeLisaR Fri., Jul. 8, 2011 ,12:43 pm EDT

Sometimes we can stump you with “Guess The Dress,” but when it comes to the chicest in infant head wear, there’s only one baby that beanie can belong to: the newest little lady on the “Army Wives” block, Miss Molly Sherwood.

Today on the “Army Wives” Twitter, we spotted a sweet Tweet from the company that designed one of Molly’s beanies and wanted to share the shopping info for all of the Army Mamas out there! In Season 5, Episode 10, Molly wore one of Beanie Designs’ Organic Cream Lacy Beanies (pictured at left) and we must say, she looks quite cute!

Click here to read more about the company and the beanie’s starring role on “Army Wives.”

View more photos of baby Molly on “Army Wives” below: