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Jeremy Sherwood Returns: Richard "Bubba" Bryant Interview Part 1

By LisaRaphael Mon., Mar. 12, 2012 ,12:33 pm EDT

He was the son that all of us felt like we lost in Season 5. During his mother Denise's dream sequence during the "Army Wives" Season 6 Premiere event, we got to welcome back one fallen soldier and witness the "what could have been" about Jeremy Sherwood's life. The actor who played Jeremy, Richard "Bubba" Bryant is making another return — here to the "Army Wives" Blog! — to discuss coming back to the show, reuniting with the cast and getting a chance to play out Jeremy's future. Look for the three parts of Bubba's interview and enjoy part one below.

Lisa Raphael: When did you find out you (and Jeremy) were going to be back for Season 6?
We shot an episode in September, so right before we started filming, they told me in March that it was a possibility that I’d be in it and I was already in Charleston.

After leaving the show, I took time off, I went to L.A., I did New York and just figured out that I’m more of a Charleston boy, like a little city boy as opposed to big. So I was in the process of getting away from L.A. and New York and getting back from that whole rhythm and into the school thing and then they called me and they’re like “Would you be around?” And I’m like “of course, I’ll be around!” And then they called me like a week later and said, “Don’t shave your face.” I’m like, “Alright… I won’t shave my face.”

Did they tell you “We want you to come back from the dead and do a dream sequence?”
I had no idea. I didn’t really know what it was until a week before when we got the script. I found out that it was going to be a hurricane sequence.

Twitter fan Erika D. asks how it felt to be back on set with your “Army Wives” family?
It was home. I’ve been doing it for five or six years and it’s the life. I was sad about being away and when I got to come back, it was like just like I never stopped being on the show. Everybody was so nice and it was just fun. There was really no pressure. Those scenes came out beautiful. It was definitely one of the best times I’ve had.

Delanda M. wants to know: What was it like coming back to the show and having your own family too?
I don’t even have a girlfriend and kids are way down the line so having Erin pregnant with Jeremy’s child?! I have nephews but when I put myself in those shoes, wow!

It was fun to have little kids [around on set] and those kids were addressing me like an adult and I usually don’t get addressed like an adult, I’m still a kid! It was fun and I’m glad I got to go back and do one more time. I loved being on “Army Wives” and I will always be a part of it, they can call me any point in time. While the show continues, I still feel like I’m a part of it — it’s the big story. With Jeremy’s death, the story doesn’t stop. I live through the experience Jeremy was having. I would definitely like to come back again, but we’ll see. If the story calls for it, I’ll be there!

What a lot of the fans were curious about on Facebook and Twitter (like Laura, Jennifer and Roxanne, to name a few :) is how would you have liked to see Jeremy develop if he hadn’t been killed in action? The way they showed Jeremy’s future, is this the way you wanted his life to go?
Yeah, when I think of Jeremy and how he has developed on the show he’s not just that soldier who died. When I think of Jeremy, I put him into a broad category of what I’d like for all these kids who die in war; any type of future is good for him. Just to see the soldier that died living, and his life experiences after that, like him having kids and having a sister, I was glad that we got to show that to explain the audience how much life is lost.

I think what we saw is pretty much exactly what he would have done. Jeremy would have grown up to be a very successful architect. It was established very early on in the series that he was into architecture. Many military people are very goal-oriented and majority of the people that come out of the military make the country a lot better, they’re very driven Americans.

Probably Jeremy would have had another kid too, who knows? But, I thought it was good we got to show that. We got to show what would’ve happened for a fallen soldier so it’s not really what he does, but more what he would have done. We got to show him doing other things so people can put a face to what was lost.

Fans want to know if you are sad that you didn’t get the chance to do the whole wedding thing with Jeremy and Tanya. What was the part about Jeremy’s life being cut short that you’re most sad about you didn’t get to play on screen?
Well, we got to have a wedding with Pamela and Chase, but with Jeremy and Tanya it would have been a military wedding. I definitely would have liked to look all nice and all that stuff!

The thing I miss the most is the chemistry with Terry, Catherine and Erin, it was just spot-on. It’s a show you do for a long time, the ability to tell life stories gets easier and easier as time goes on. Having a child and being around Terry, Catherine and Erin, it would be cool to do that but there’s so much we could have delved into — but yeah, the wedding thing would have been fun.

Gizelle L. also brought up the fact that you two were going to be the first couple who were both in the military. How you think Jeremy and Tanya would have done with the whole military marriage?
I definitely think they would have had a great marriage, obviously a little strenuous, but Tanya and Jeremy were in the military together and they understand duty, what they’re going for, especially with him being a soldier and her being in the hospital, they complement each other quite well.

I think the same with people in the military who marry each other. My grandfather and my grandmother were both in the Navy and they got married when they got out and they had a perfect marriage.

Check the "Army Wives" Blog later this week for the rest of Jeremy's interview and leave your favorite Jeremy moment below!