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Is Pamela Ready to Date Again?

By kim_messina 09/30/2014 03:34PM GMT

The "Army Wives" home movies let us get a closer look at the characters we’ve grown so close to these past four seasons — and pretty much all of them leave us teary-eyed thinking about our own families and friends. But when Roxy gets behind the camera, things are, well, a little less predictable.

Tune in to one of the newest "Army Wives" home movies, below, where Roxy grills BFF Pamela about her big date (or was it?) with her partner Boone in last Sunday’s episode.

You guys saw Boone and Pamela (and if you missed it, watch Episode 13, "Army Strong," online here). Now that Pamela is single and ready to mingle — not to mention get over Chase! — what kind of guy do you think she should go for? Is Boone her type, or do you want her and Chase to reconcile?

Give us your dating advice for Pamela in the comments below, then visit the "Army Wives" video page for other home movies, full episodes, bonus scenes and more! And don't forget to tune in to an all-new "Army Wives" episode tonight on Lifetime at 10 pm et/pt.