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Gather Round With "Army Wives" on Sundays

By kim_messina 09/30/2014 03:35PM GMT

The official "Army Wives" Twitter and "Army Wives" Facebook is buzzing with updates on how many of you spending "Army Wives" gatherings on Sunday nights, and we want to know more!

Here's one of the stories "Army Wives" fan Brittany E. shared with us:

My friends and I, all military wives/fiancees, gather around the TV with comfort food and tissues. All of our men are deployed right now, so being together, watching women who are going through the same situations, helps us through. Plus, it helps us mark every week that's passed! :)

Tell us your Sunday night ritual! Pajamas and popcorn? Party with fellow wives? Share with us on Facebook and in our "Army Wives" Community now.