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Exclusive Interview with "Army Wives"' Roxy LeBlanc, Sally Pressman

By CaitlinBergmann Thu., Jun. 5, 2008 ,3:29 pm EDT

Actress Sally Pressman plays Roxy LeBlanc, a spitfire bartender, young mother, and rookie Army wife on the hit show "Army Wives" (Sundays, 10 pm et/pt).

She sits down exclusively to speak with me about season two of the show. Sally gave me all the dish about where she draws the line between herself and her character...and where she'd love to cross it! Wait till you find out what she says about Roxy's wardrobe. And see if she passed our military lingo quiz!

Read part one of the interview now: "Army Wives" Sally Pressman Wants You to Know She's No Roxy LeBlanc.


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