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Episode Recap: "About Face" (Season 3, Episode 2)

By kim_messina 09/30/2014 03:35PM GMT

Another great "Army Wives" episode! Claudia Joy learns that pulling an about face isn't so easy when it comes to moving. While tackling the wave of emotions from a moody Emmalin, rerouting medical records, scouting new places to live and returned furniture with nowhere to go, she manages to keep cool when her frienemy Jennifer Connor shows up to take measurements ... for her future home. The nerve!

Meanwhile, a depressed Denise is trying to pick up the pieces of her tattered life. Roxy and Pamela give her the cold shoulder at the Commissary ("Are those strawberries from California?" Really, Pamela?!), while Roland (baby in tow) intervenes with some words of wisdom. Frank's whereabouts are unknown after a mission gone bust overseas, but Jennifer actually shows a bit of kindness (Who knew?!) when Denise comes to her for the F.R.G. 411 on Frank's status.

Trevor has baby-making on his mind, but Roxy can only think of saving her beloved Betty's after the I.R.S. shows up with a big, fat back taxes bill that she can't pay. She meets a new friend, Viola, after busting a pursenapper that wanted Viola's purse. How does Roxy take him down? With some no nonsense purse-slinging to the knee, of course! Together, they devise a plan to save the bar, and hopefully it all works out!

The really good news? Michael calls Claudia Joy from Brussels to tell her Frank's OK. Whew!

Don't forget to watch tonight's newest exclusive webisode, where Jeremy continues to react to his family drama:

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