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Episode 3: Did Pamela and Roxy Cross the Line?

By kim_messina 09/30/2014 03:35PM GMT

Lenore Baker has been causing trouble left and right on post, but when she crosses the line to involve Emmalin Holden, Claudia Joy's not taking it anymore:

When Pamela and Roxy see their pal under attack, they encourage Claudia Joy to finally stick up for herself, but she insists on the high road approach. Never the type to pass up an open opportunity, Pamela and Roxy may or may not have blamed a "technical difficulty" on Lenore's microphone mishap at the Army Spouse of the Year Awards. When Lenore's off-color comments about Claudia Joy went echoing through the room for all to hear, the committee gave the award to Claudia Joy.

Did the ladies help change the committee's vote? Weigh in our latest poll about last night's episode now: