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Episode 14 Recap: What's Your Secret, Chase?

By kim_messina 09/30/2014 03:35PM GMT

A lot happened in this episode! Here is the quick recap: Jeremy suffers the unthinkable when his friend and fellow soldier is killed in action. Equally emotional, Joan gets her deployment orders and knows it's only days before she has to leave her baby girl and husband behind. Also, Claudia Joy FINALLY comes to terms with the fact that she needs to tell the people around her about her diabetes. (We were thinking the same thing....what took her so long?!) Also, it was a nice change of pace to see Emmalin kicking a little butt on the ice rink as a no-nonsense goalie. (Check out a previous blog post to find out how the actress who plays this character really does play the sport.)

But, the storyline that you can't help but wonder about more than the others ... what is going on with Pamela's husband? We all breathed a sigh of relief to find out that Chase is okay ... or is he? Clearly he's got one heck of a secret about what caused his wounds and he's not spilling it. Not even to his wife.

What does everyone think he's hiding and what impact will it have on Pamela? Be sure to add a comment below and tell us. We'd like to feature one of your predictions in the next "Army Wives" newsletter.

One last note, it looks like there may be a new addition to the tribe as Roxy tosses her birth control pills in the trash! Will she be the next one to add to the family? Time to weigh in with our weekly "Army Wives" poll:

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