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Episode 13 Recap: What Do You Think Happened to Chase?

By kim_messina 09/30/2014 03:35PM GMT

Talk about a dramatic cliffhanger! Not since the bombing of the Hump Bar in the Season 1 finale have we all wanted to nervously bite our nails while awaiting what would happen next.

Okay, so we know you’re anxious to find out what happened to Pamela's beloved husband. In the meantime, that shouldn’t stop you all from having a little fun speculating. Hence, it's time for the weekly "Army Wives" poll!

Got another theory? Have at it below, and let us know! We’ll put the best answer in an upcoming "Army Wives" newsletter, as well as on our "Army Wives" Twitter and Facebook pages. Also, in case you missed the last blog post, we’ve got another DVD giveaway going. If you want to take home Season 2 on DVD, enter now.

Just in case you need more of an episode recap: Claudia Joy fights to keep her diabetes a secret, Denise wants to put her nursing skills to good use riding in the back of an ambulance, Trevor is stumbling a bit to become a super-recruiter and the Burtons’ pre-deployment romance was a big old bust.

Now that you’re up to speed, so go enter that sweeps we mentioned above!