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Ep. 8 Recap: Chase Gets Busted and Denise Crosses the Line

By CaitlinBergmann Sun., Jul. 27, 2008 ,5:17 pm EDT

What an episode! Tonight, Pamela's suspicions from last week's episode are dead on when Chase gets arrested with the rest of his Delta Force brothers during a war profiteering bust. The good news is that he's not involved in the crime.

Speaking of crimes, looks like Roxy's new old waitress, Sandi, is a fan of filing lawsuits when she doesn't get her way on the job. Roxy put her foot down, and with some legal advise from Claudia Joy, she calls Sandi's bluff.

Roland shows he's a man of his word and won't betray a student's trust, even to save his own teaching job, when she reveals to Roland that she has been accepted to West Point, but is gay. Karma pays off when the student becomes the teacher and Roland's pupil schools him on one very important lesson: the Army is about honor. She reveals her secret to secure his job when others assume they are having an inappropriate relationship off campus.

Denise lets her infatuation with Getti get the best of her when they share a passionate kiss at the hospital. How will she cope with this now that's she's officially crossed the line? Will her head or heart win this battle?

What did you think of tonight's episode? Is there hope for Denise and Frank or is this a sign that their marriage is over?

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