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Ep 7: Roxy Launches "Betty's Bar & Grill" and Pamela Plays Detective!

By kim_messina 09/30/2014 03:36PM GMT

Directed by Jake and Maggie Gyllenhaal's dad, Stephen Gyllenhaal, tonight's episode of "Army Wives" was chock full of exciting new plot twists and turns!

First thing's first: Roxy reveals that the name of the Hump Bar is now changed to Betty's Bar & Grill. It must have been so difficult for Claudia Joy and Emmalin to set foot in that place, name change or not, but I think they were better for getting through it together.

Second, Pamela. ...Or should we say Sherlock Moran?! Her old police days are creeping back up to the surface again. She knows something's fishy at Chase's Delta Force buddy's house, and now she's been banned from even setting foot there. Hopefully this doesn't have negative consequences for Chase when he's deployed next.

Finally, Jeremy Sherwood is back! It took seven whole episodes to show his face on post, but he finally did it! Looks like the Army was a good fit for him and is providing some much needed distraction from Amanda's lingering memory. I wonder why Denise didn't introduce him to "Getti" at the lunch table, yet apologized about it later? That must mean something! What do you think?

Apparently it meant something to Roland Burton. Roland does what he does best by playing therapist, and confronts Denise about her relationship with "Getti" in next week's episode. Sneak a peek now:

Find out what Denise's reaction is next Sunday at 10 pm et/pt!