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Ep. 12 Preview: Joan's Baby Shower & Pamela's...Stalker?

By CaitlinBergmann Thu., Sep. 4, 2008 ,10:51 am EDT

Whew! All-new episodes of "Army Wives" return on Sunday, September 7 at 10 pm/et pt. For those of you that have been in Fort Marshall withdrawal just like me, here's a dose of what's to come this Sunday.

This week, the Wives plan for Joan’s baby shower and Pamela’s secret admirer gets a bit too close for comfort.

Catch a glimpse of this episode now:

Is Pamela really in danger or is this just a big fuss over nothing? And what's up with Denise? Is her marriage beyond help? And, OK, is it just me, or can you see Joan really getting into all the girly moments of a baby shower or what? Hopefully all my burning questions will be answered in Episode 12, airing this Sunday. Don't miss it!