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Ep. 12: Pamela's Mystery Man & Denise's Strained Marriage

By kim_messina 09/30/2014 03:36PM GMT

How about tonight's return of all-new episodes of "Army Wives"? Pamela's (scary) secret admirer, "Tim," crosses the line and gives Pamela quite a scare. Even a tough-talking former cop can be shaken by a traumatic situation like this!

Who is this mystery man? Is it a fan who crossed the line, Chase just playing around (in a totally un-funny way!), or could it be that this is all in Pamela's head?

Speaking of theories, what do you think will come of Denise and Frank's strained marriage? It seems like Denise is truly putting in all the effort lately, and Frank is being way too dismissive about her point of view. Can they work it out or will they go their separate ways and eventually have to break the hard truth to their son Jeremy? Post your thoughts here on the blog.

Watch this sneak peek of Episode 13 and more of Pamela's stalker-at-large: