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Countdown to Season 7: Spotlight on The Kids

By kim_messina 09/30/2014 03:41PM GMT

Equally as important to the cast as the Wives and Husbands, take a look back at some of "Army Kids" and their biggest moments:

Jeremy Sherwood and Amanda Holden: Fort Marshall's Romeo and Juliet, Jeremy and Amanda had to fight hard for their relationship. Infatuated since Day One, Amanda's parents were not pleased when they got together because Jeremy had an abusive past. By the end of Season 1, Amanda broke up with Jeremy citing that because she was going away to school soon, they would never see each other. In reality, she was scared that she was pregnant. The test came back negative. And just like Romeo and Juliet, their story had a tragic ending: Amanda was killed at the bombing of the Hump Bar, and in Season 5 Jeremy, who was now engaged to a nurse named Tanya, was killed in combat.

Emmalin Holden: Sister of the late Amanda, Emmalin also had a runaway romance with her pen pal, Logan. The two bumped into each other in Season 2, Episode 16 and subsequently fled the base to Dillon, NC. They planned to get married and even said that chilli cheese dogs will be their anniversary tradition. However, Trevor LeBlanc gave Logan a reality check and told him about life as a soldier facing AWOL, dishonorable discharge and life with General Michael Holden as his father-in-law. Scared, Logan left, leaving Emmalin devastated.

LeBlanc Children: Roxy is surrounded by boys! Before she married Trevor, she had two sons, T.J. and Finn, from previous relationships, who Trevor later adopted. In the 100th episode, Roxy gave birth to twins Wyatt and Drew. Wyatt came out with no problem, but Drew's umbilical cord was wrapped around his neck and the doctors had to perform an emergency c-section. Luckily after a few days at the hospital, he was able to join his family at home.

View the kid's best moments in photos:
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