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Countdown to Season 7: Spotlight on The Husbands

By kim_messina 09/30/2014 03:41PM GMT

Yesterday we focused on Roland Burton. Today it's time for the other husbands to take center stage:

Michael Holden: Lieutenant General Michael Holden (Brian McNamara) is Corps Commander at Fort Marshall and has been married to Claudia Joy for more than 20 years. They have two daughters, Emmalin and Amanda, who was killed in the bombing at the Hump Bar. A highly-decorated soldier, Michael was offered a job at NATO in Brussels in Season 3, but returned to Fort Marshall shortly after accepting to be closer to his family. On a special mission in Season 4, Michael was captured and then rescued by Delta Force soldier Chase Moran.

Trevor LeBlanc: Like his wife Roxy, First Lieutenant Trevor LeBlanc (Drew Fuller) has had his fair share of drama over the past six seasons: he’s had to overcome a shoulder injury that kept him from active duty, a subsequent addiction to pain killers and marital stress resulting from trying to juggle his career and his family. Dedicated to Roxy's sons from previous relationships, Trevor couldn't wait to have little ones of his own. His biggest wish came true in Season 6, but it also lead to one of his most trying moments. When his twins Drew and Wyatt were born, Wyatt was born without complication, but Drew's umbilical cord was wrapped around his neck. After an emergency c-section, Drew was put in an incubator. Luckily, he got healthy and was able to join his twin bother home.

Frank Sherwood: LTC Frank Sherwood's (Terry Serpico) biggest battles have occurred not in combat. In Season 3, he discovered that Denise was having an affair with a wounded soldier named Mac while Frank was in Iraq. Frank and Denise separated, but eventually got back together. In Season 4, Denise gave birth to their daughter, Molly and in Season 5, their son Jeremy was killed in Afghanistan.

Chase Moran: Master Sergeant Chase Moran (Jeremy Davidson) is a member of the elite Delta Force. His professional life put a huge strain on his relationship with Pamela, with whom he divorced and then remarried in Season 5. At the end of that season, Chase is offered a lucrative management job in California, where his family eventually met him.

Kevin Clarke: The newest member to the crew, Major General Kevin Clarke (Robert John Burke) is married to Jackie (Kelli Williams). While he and Michael Holden had their differences, he’s proven himself as a friend and, eventually as a good husband and father. He was paralyzed below the waist in Season 6 and, in the finale, took his first (physical) steps to recovery.

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