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Countdown to Season 7: Spotlight on Roland

By kim_messina 09/30/2014 03:41PM GMT

Roland (Sterling K. Brown) sacrificed his lucrative career as a psychologist to become an "Army Husband." He's married to now-Garrison Commander Joan. In the first season, Roland struggled with Joan's on and off deployments and subsequent treatment for post-traumatic stress disorder. Their marriage got so difficult that Roland cheated on Joan with a visting magazine reporter. However, the couple later reconciled. They have two children: biological daughter Sara Elizabeth and adopted son David.

In Season 2, since Joan was back, Roland became a counselor for the Fort Marshall high school. However, he lost his job because he was accused of having an inappropriate relationship with a student who confided in him. The charges were later cleared.

And while it hasn't always been easy to be a house-husband, Roland has proved to be a stellar stay-at-home dad—even throwing Sara Elizabeth her first birthday party while Joan was in Iraq, who joined via video chat.

In Season 6, David's father Marcus returned, as did his drug issues. Roland agreed to help him get treatment and allowed him to temporarily stay at the clinic, which he tried to hide from Joan. When Joan found out, she banned Marcus from seeing David ever again, which led Marcus to overdose.

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