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Countdown to Season 7: Spotlight on Pamela

By kim_messina 09/30/2014 03:41PM GMT

Tough and outspoken, Pamela Moran (Brigid Brannagh) is the glue that keeps the wives together. A former Boston PD, Pamela came to Fort Marshall with her Delta Force husband Chase and became a full-time mother to their kids Katie and Lucas. In Season 1, one of Pamela's biggest challenges was that she was secretly a surrogate (with twins!) to earn $50,000 to get her family out of debt. In the first episode, Pamela goes into labor at Claudia Joy's tea party, exposing her secret—and subsequent financial situation—to the Wives. But the Wives kept mum, proving early on that their bond is unbreakable.

During the first few seasons, Chase was often absent because of his position as Delta Force. To help her cope and fill the void, Pamela got her own radio show "Have At It" in Season 2, but later quit because of a listener-turned-stalker. By the time Season 4 came along, Pamela had enough of Chase coming and going—even asking him to quit his job— so they divorced.

Pamela then went back to PD roots and got a job as a detective in Atlanta to provide for her family. By the end of Season 4, Chase's priorities shifted and he told Pamela that he was ready to quit Delta Force and become a family again. In Season 5, the pair remarried at the Hump Bar. At the end of the season, Chase received a job offer in California, which guaranteed more money than his and Pamela's salaries combined. Chase moved to The Golden State alone, but Pamela and the kids later joined him after their house got damaged by a hurricane.

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