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Brian McNamara Reporting for “Army Wives” Community Duty!

By LifetimeRebecca Thu., Jun. 18, 2009 ,1:56 pm EDT

Brian McNamara, the actor who plays Colonel Michael Holden in “Army Wives”, recently posted a thank you to real military families in the Army Wives community. Joining the community isn’t the only way that he contributes to the site and to the real military families that come to myLifetime.com for support, however. He also directs our exclusive Army Wives webisodes.

Here’s his message to the community:

“I am Brian McNamara. I play Gen. Michael Holden on ARMY WIVES. I've been reading your comments and just wanted to say thank you for your support. We all love doing the show as much as you love watching and we are all proud of the show. To all military families reading this, THANK YOU most especially for your service and sacrifice.”

It’s great to know that Mr. McNamara is as invested in this show as we are, and is reading what our community members have to say. If you haven’t yet joined the Army Wives community, what are you waiting for? We have the show as well as a place for real military wives, in addition to other fun community activities. Come join us; you never know who might be reading!