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Army Wives Actress Switch?

By kim_messina 09/30/2014 03:30PM GMT

Emmalin Holden on Army Wives is being played by a different actress this season, Katelyn PippyWe had a post yesterday from Lifetime member Scrappygypsy. She wanted to know if Emmalin, Claudia Joy and Michael's youngest, was being played by a different actress this season.

Well, Scrappygypsy, you are correct! The role has been recast and is now being played by Katelyn Pippy. (The role was originated by Caroline Pires.) Some interesting facts on Katelyn (great name, by the way, not that I'm biased), courtesy of She was a potential choice to play Hannah Montana, her father is a Pennsylvania state senator, and she's a hockey player. Welcome to Fort Marshall!

For pictures from Season 2, including the new Emmalin, Katelyn, visit our exclusive "Army Wives" photo gallery here.

And for more casting fun ... let's try something. Rumor has it there will be a new villain on the show this season. Who do you think should play him ... or her?

I'll do a shout-out to the best answer. So, let's hear it!


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