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A Tough Week to Be a Soldier!

By kim_messina 09/30/2014 03:28PM GMT

Episode 3 of “Army Wives” definitely had a few unexpected turns. Lots of drama for the soldiers at Fort Marshall! It looks like Trevor’s military career is sinking like the Titanic after a mishap with one of his soldiers when he was acting as team leader. Loyal-to-the-core Joan tries to stand up for him, but all that does is fuel her ongoing feud with the new second-in-command, Evan Connors. And then there’s Frank … poor Frank. Everyone but Frank seems to know that his wife has cheated for sure, and now he’s being sent home to hear it for himself from Denise.

On the upside, Pamela’s getting a new house, Roxy made money to fend off the IRS, and, best of all, Michael shows up at the eleventh hour, just when Claudia Joy was at her wit’s end with her daughter Emmalin’s antics.

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