Which cast members are you closest to? Do you hang out when you’re not shooting?

We totally hang out, ’cause were isolated from our families, our friends and from our lives back in L.A. Most of us are from there. So we all pretty much hang out. Sterling K. Brown, Drew Fuller and I have our ritual "Lost" and "Grey’s Anatomy" watching events.

What about your fellow "wives"?

Brigid Brannagh and I actually live right next to each other, so we hang out and have a glass of wine and a cup of coffee every now and then. We also have parties and fun things that are organized for us to hang out with the crew and each other often. A lot of the crew is from Wilmington, so we’re all kind of here, away from our peeps.

Do you get a lot of real-life Army wives approaching you when you’re out and about?

Definitely! All the time! They’re so incredibly supportive and positive, and they really appreciate what we’re doing — which, for us, makes it a dream. We’re doing everything in our power to honor them, and it’s just wonderful to know that they appreciate what we’re doing.

Have they ever approached you with advice about what they had just seen in an episode and how it would have panned out in real life?

I would say they’re mostly supportive. Some of the websites and some of the blogs or whatever ... that’s where some of the criticism comes in. But most of the wives I talk to say, "Everyone has to understand that, yes, you are representing life, but it’s not a documentary. It is still for entertainment." There are some things [in the show] that are enhanced for TV.

What's the weirdest thing you’ve ever read about yourself online?

Well, I usually don’t, but my mom always does … religiously! She reads everything written about me. She calls me up with updates like, “They said that you and Trevor are gonna break up! Are you guys breaking up?!” And I’m like, “Not that I know of!” And another thing was, she said, “They’re arguing about how tall you are! And where you’re from and how old you are! One person said they think you’re 36, and I set them straight that you’re 26!” I said, “Mom, thanks for standing up for me.”

Your bio on IMDB.com pretty much summed it up with, "It’s a mystery as to how old Sally Pressman is!" It’s written like a case for Matlock to solve!

Well, you can set the mystery straight: 26! We don’t want any of those 36-year-old rumors spreading around! That’s a decade, people! Decade!

Whenever I go to a bar, someone always asks me if I’m 18. So I’d guess I’d rather be mistaken for 36 and not get carded.

No way! You totally wanna be carded! Unless you’re not of age, you wanna be carded. ’Cause if you have a card, you’re like, “Boo-yah! Read it! Check to see the date! There’s nothing you can do!”

Here’s yet another mystery to be solved: Both IMDB and Wikipedia say that you attended Yale University and have an extensive ballet background. Is this true?

True! I graduated from Yale. I went there for undergrad and graduated in 2003, and before going to Yale, I was a member of Manhattan Ballet Company in New York. From ages two through 18, I was dancing.

Is there anything you’re working on outside of "Army Wives" we can see you in?

"My Best Friend’s Girl" is a movie with Dane Cook, Kate Hudson and Jason Biggs that’s coming out . . . I think in the fall. I’m in a very funny scene with Jason and Dane. So go see it!