Q: You did a great job playing Roxy! Do you have any upcoming movies or TV roles?—Roxy, MI

A: Yes! I actually I did a TV movie for Lifetime called "Lovesick." It's based on a true story about a woman who was sexually abused by her father as a child and as a result of that developed a sexual disorder. The movie tracks her downfall into her realizing she has a serious problem. It's an amazing story.

Q: Did you have any military experience, such as living on a base, before "Army Wives"?—Karen, NC

A: I had absolutely no military experience or exposure, which I think boded well for [playing] Roxy because she didn't either. The two of us were really introduced to this world at the same time.

Q: How old are you? —Chenice, MD

A: I am 26.

Q: I love your portrayal of Roxy! How did you get the role and what do you do to prepare? —Paula, TX

A: I got the role by auditioning four separate times. In terms of preparation, I have been a bartender and also, just tapping into the tough and rough side of myself, which I definitely have from living in New York.

Q: What is your favorite part about playing Roxy? Can you relate to any of her characteristics?—Ashley, MA

A: She is always optimistic and just full of life. She is in love with her husband and feels like she has found the ideal man. She's kind of living out a fantasy relationship, which is great because I get to play being in love: happy and jittery.

I do share a lot of characteristics with her. We both wear everything on our sleeves and are honest to the point of sometimes putting our foot in our mouth by accident. We're also both very loyal.

Q: Roxy is a very independent woman on the show. Would you say that your personality is similar? Brandice, CA

A: Definitely. Being born and raised in New York, you have a sense of independence because of the way the city is structured. Then I left my whole life and family to come to L.A. to pursue acting — which also really puts you out there on your own. Like Roxy, I love doing my own thing, making my own decisions and really being responsible for myself.

Q: Was it hard playing the wife that nobody knew or liked?Kirsten, WV

A: What's important about Roxy is that she doesn't really care. If she wasn't going to make friends, that was kind of OK with her. She's not there to be everybody's best friend; she's there to support the man she loves and raise her children. So, while it was hard and it made me feel a little bit isolated, I had to keep the strength up just like she did.