Q: I loved you on "NYPD Blue." What is it like to be back on a television show? —Jamie, WI

A: "NYPD Blue" was a great show to be on. And "Army Wives" is equally as much fun. I love doing TV — I like the process, the immediacy and the rawness of it.

Q: What was your reaction when you were asked to work on "Army Wives"? —Sindy, OR

A: I was thrilled. I learned about the project from [Producers] Mark Gordon and Deb Spera, and they gave me the book by Tanya Biank, "Under the Sabres: The Unwritten Code of Army Wives." I loved it, and then I met with the writer/creator Katherine Fugate and it went on and on from there. It was too good to pass up!

Q: How is it working on a show like "Army Wives"? —Sam, KS

A: It's a great experience. I have such new respect for the Army wives and for our military guys and gals. It's really remarkable, because people love and appreciate what the show is doing. We don't take a political stand either way. I like the aspect that it's universally about families and life and people who happen to live on an Army post.

Q: What did you do to prepare for the role? —Jodi, OK

A: Well, the research is kind of ongoing. But first I read the book and talked with the author, Tanya Biank, and with other Aarmy wives. We also have a technical advisor who's on the set all the time. And then there is always someone at the airport sitting next to me, a military wife or someone in the service. Or even at the coffee shop; you run into people everywhere who have stories and like to share them.

Q: Kim, it's so great to see you back on TV. How do you like playing Claudia Joy? —Dyan, FL

A: Oh, I love Claudia Joy. It's such a fun, well-rounded character. She's a mom, wife, best friend; she's involved in every aspect of life. It's great for me as an actress to get to play and explore all that.

Q: Do you think that your character on "Army Wives" is at all like you? —Lauren, AZ

A: I think any character that I've played has pieces of me in it. As an actress you draw from your own personal experience or from experience you gather, and you throw it all in the mix along with the writer and director's input.

Q: Your character, Claudia Joy, is my favorite. Are you that strong as Kim Delaney? —Kodye, OK

A: I'd like to think I'm that strong! I have Claudia Joy moments where I feel like I can handle everything and then other days where I need support from others. But that's the great thing about Claudia Joy: She is honest about herself and she is human and flawed and trying to get through life every day. So, in that sense, yeah, I know I too try to do the best I can each day.