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Devious Maids: Episode 12 (Proof)
Witches Of East End: A Moveable Beast
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Episode 2 (The Zurlinden Family)

Season 2, Episode 2 - Season 2: Episode 2 (The Zurlinden Family). With dad busy with his career, two soon-to-be stepbrothers constantly fighting, and a mother at her wits end, it's up to Deborah Tillman to bring them together before the wedding.
Season 2, Episode 2 - Season 2: Episode 2 (The Zurlinden Family). Air Date: 1/15/13. America's Supernanny vs. a professional wrestler. Jay is getting married in a month but if things don't turn around soon, his family could be down for the count. It's a blended family on the ropes with two soon-to-be stepbrothers constantly fighting, a dad who's so busy with this career that he doesn't have time for his kids and a mother at her wits end. It's no holds barred when Miss Deborah puts this family under her lockdown so she can bring them together before the wedding. Get parenting tips from experts and more.
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