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Zenobia Simmons

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Age: 34

Occupation: Publicist/writer

State of residence: NJ

Marital Status: Single

Zodiac Sign:

Describe yourself using 3 adjectives: Friendly, energetic, honest

List your hobbies: Reading, writing fiction stories, fishing and fine dining

Who are 3 people you admire most: My mother, Catherine Simmons; Madam CJ Walker; and Bricktop (legendary nightclub owner)

Describe your psychic ability: Ability to communicate with the other side, empathy, ESP, precognitive abilities, clairsentient, telepathy, telekinesis.

When did you realize you had this gift: At a very young age, around three, when I could see spirits in the room and around my family.
I was very scared but I finally talked to my mom about it a little bit when I was in junior high, and she helped me deal with it. Also my grandmother would tell me stories about paranormal things that helped me realize other people had these abilities.

Does anyone else in your family have these gifts? If so, who? Yes, I think my dad has some ESP and my niece has a lot of my abilities.

Are any of your friends or family skeptics? Yes most of my family is very religious, so they are skeptical, but all of my friends are believers, if not in my powers then in me as a person.

What are your sentiments toward skeptics? For people who truly don’t believe, there is nothing you can do to convince them about psychics, and it’s not my job to try and convert people.

Have you ever used your gifts to help people? Explain: Yes, I use my gifts to help people all the time. I often do readings to help people who have trouble grieving for their loved ones and want to get messages to them. I also try to help people find lost objects and also help them with buying houses and determining new directions in their career.

What's the best part about having such a gift? Being able to help people with my gifts and discovering new information about the universe.

What's the worst part about having such a gift? The worst part about having the gift is sometimes when you want to have privacy the spirits and even people’s thoughts come in and interrupt your day. That can be a little disturbing. Also, sometimes I don’t want to know the truth about everyone or exactly what people are thinking.

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