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Tori Allah

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Age: 57

Occupation: Psychic medium, clairvoyant, clairaudient, author, feng shui intuitive, animal reader, California- certified teacher

State of residence: CA

Marital Status: Soon to be divorced

Zodiac Sign:

Describe yourself using 3 adjectives: Gifted, innovative, adventurous

List your hobbies: Traveling and lecturing on cruise ships, writing, collecting angel figures, watching other psychics on TV

Who are 3 people you admire most: Princess Diana, John Edwards and Louise Hay (author of “You Can Heal Your Life”)

Describe your psychic ability: I'm a medium, clairvoyant, clairaudient, feng shui intuitive, healer and animal communicator.

When did you realize you had this gift: By the age of five I had an awareness that I was sensitive at cemeteries, and began seeing and sensing those who have passed on. At first I assumed that everyone could see, sense and feel these things. Then when I realized that I was different, I learned to be a quieter, more introspective child. When I was in my twenties I was told officially that I was a psychic by a Buddhist bishop.

Does anyone else in your family have these gifts? If so, who? My mother has the gift of seeing a person for who they truly are. My two sisters are also psychically sensitive and have had different experiences throughout their lives. My two children are gifted as well.
Are any of your friends or family skeptics? The more professional members of my family seemed to be disappointed that I left a great teaching career in order to do “this thing.” If they are skeptics or seem to be, it is because they would rather that I pursued a more conventional profession, like a nurse, doctor or a teacher. I have worked on and done readings for members of my family, but they would not tell each other that they had come to me for this.

What are your sentiments toward skeptics? I love to read for them because it seems that I do the best when “tested” in this manner. I never try to convince a skeptic that what I do is believable. I think everyone has a free will to believe whatever they want to. I've also noticed that skeptics have more respect for what I do after they learn I am a California-certified teacher. They often say that I am not the typical psychic and that I have brought the psychic profession to a higher level in that I make it believable.

Have you ever used your gifts to help people? Explain: I helped a couple to sell their home using feng shui and my psychic abilities. A year earlier, their home was on the market last without one offer. They came in for an appointment. I was told what they needed to do to sell the home. Then I relayed the information to them and they made some minor changes. Then I told them the date of when they were going to sell it, how the offers were going to come in and also what to say during the counter offer. Finally I gave them the date they were going to move out. It all panned out and the house was sold exactly as predicted, in about three months after the open house.

What's the best part about having such a gift? Just the look on people’s faces when you tell them something no one else would know.

What's the worst part about having such a gift? People always come up to me and say,” Tell me something about myself.” I rarely answer, since it is my business and they need to make an appointment. Also, when my daughters bring a boyfriend over, they always say, "Mom, don’t start." Then when and if they break up they usually ask me if I saw this coming.

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