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Sloan Bella

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Name: Sloan Bella

Age: 41

Occupation: Professional psychic medium

State of residence: CA

Marital Status: Married

Zodiac Sign:

Describe yourself using 3 adjectives: Extreme, loving, uncanny

List your hobbies: I absolutely love mountain running, coffee, computer coding, photography, and mountain lion and bird watching.

Who are 3 people you admire most: My birth mother for having me; my adopted parents for taking on the karma by raising me; and my husband, John, for his intelligence, kindness and generosity, and for showing me that in the face of tremendous adversity and sadness in his life, he took the time to make me smile!

Describe your psychic ability: I'm a clairaudient verbal channel. Wording comes in streams of conscience from a divine source known as "universal knowledge," and fluent channeling allows me to access this information. I am also clairvoyant, which means I see mental imagery coming in small vignettes and extend this information to the sitter. Clairscentience is my ability to feel and sense the spirit and vibrational energy, allowing me to convey information on a physical level. As a medium, I use my communication skills to translate the language between different energy and soul expressions. I began studying astrology in childhood and am a technically trained and certified astrologer.

When did you realize you had this gift: I have always thought I was born exactly as I should be for this life. I love it!

Does anyone else in your family have these gifts? If so, who? My oldest son, Jason, has advanced mediumship abilities along with an out-of-body intuitive communication. My youngest son, Keith, is a gifted physical intuitive. My husband, John, has an extraordinary second sight and is rarely wrong; however, he chooses to work in the aerospace industry, not the psychic world—maybe next life. Most of the people in my life have extarordinary intuitive abilities.

Are any of your friends or family skeptics? All the people in my life, including friends and family, are open to the idea that life in its most tangible form is only one element of our existence, and they don't pretend to think they have all the answers or that they can prove things like psychic ability or life after death. They have all experienced the creative expression of the intuitive mediumship work I do and the purpose it serves within the community and the demand for those services. They have faith and trust in the process of life.

What are your sentiments toward skeptics? I don't believe in them.

Have you ever used your gifts to help people? Explain: People only ever seek psychic advice when they need help in their lives. I feel my life path is of service. At 14 I felt drawn to leave home and use my gifts of empathic mediumship on the streets of Toronto helping missing and exploited children. Intuitively I was able help the kids to move forward in their lives and to see the true essence of their current experiences. As a professional psychic- medium I read for a large clientele daily, which includes, parents, kids, politicians, people detoxing from drugs, cancer patients, husbands and wives, teachers, rock 'n' roll musicians, businessmen, actors, strippers, housewives and athletes.

What's the best part about having such a gift? Being born knowing exactly what you are here to do in this life and being able to do it. I get to work at my soul's passion and I am happy!

What's the worst part about having such a gift? Nothing

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