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Lynn Miller

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Age: 38

Occupation: Medium/clairvoyant/spiritual advisor/life coach/TV development

State of residence: CA

Marital Status: Married

Zodiac Sign:

Describe yourself using 3 adjectives: Generous, loving, empathetic

List your hobbies: Developing TV shows and spending time with my family

Who are 3 people you admire most: My mom, husband and sons

Describe your psychic ability: My abilities have somewhat transformed as I have become more accepting. I consider myself a medium, clairvoyant and clairsentient. It really depends on the situation or client.

When did you realize you had this gift: "When I was three-and-a-half years old my house burned down. Two hours prior I had a dream of exactly how it happened. Later I remember a presence warning me to get up and to wake my family and get everyone out. When I realized I had the gift I was a little gun-shy. It wasn’t something that I understood right away, so I was scared. Now I embrace it."

Does anyone else in your family have these gifts? If so, who? I do believe that my mother and brother have the same abilities; however, with them it lies dormant.

Are any of your friends or family skeptics? Yes, of course.

What are your sentiments toward skeptics? Everyone is entitled to their own opinion.

Have you ever used your gifts to help people? Explain: All the time. It’s nice to give people spiritual advice that makes a positive change in their lives.

What's the best part about having such a gift? That it is always different and fresh. You never know who is going to pop up and say hello.

What's the worst part about having such a gift? It can be rather annoying when I want to have a relaxing evening at home and people who have passed on keep coming through.

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