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Karyn Reese

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Age: 30 something

Occupation: Psychic

State of residence: NY

Marital Status: Married

Zodiac Sign:

Describe yourself using 3 adjectives: High IQ, perfectionist, creative

List your hobbies: Drawing. I also love science and helping animals.

Who are 3 people you admire most: "John F. Kennedy, James Van Praagh and Einstein

Describe your psychic ability: "I am both a psychic and a medium. I see past present and future events and dead people. The way in which I receive information is by seeing, like a movie in my head or when I see dead people, hearing information and feeling information. I am considered a rarity in the field, as I consistently receive names and numbers and other specific details!

When did you realize you had this gift: "I was two years old when I used to play with "Margaret," an older women from the other side. While I always knew things before they would happen, it wasn’t until I was seven years old and predicted my father's unexpected passing (he was 52 and died from a stroke) that I realized that I had this ability. This ability runs on my mother's side of the family.

I thought that everyone had this ability until I predicted my father's death. Then I realized this was an unusual gift. Interestingly, seven is a very spiritual number. It represents heaven/spirituality. I interpret this as a confirmation from spirit of my abilities."

Does anyone else in your family have these gifts? If so, who? My mother and her side of the family.

Are any of your friends or family skeptics? No, and who cares if they are?

What are your sentiments toward skeptics? It's not my job to convince them. Unless they experience something paranormal then they aren’t going to believe. But I always ask people "What color is a radio wave?" The usual reply is "I don’t know." My next question is "Then how do you know that it exists?" One cannot conclude that just because you can't prove something in your frame of reference it means that it doesn’t exist. History has proven this repeatedly.

Have you ever used your gifts to help people? Explain: Yes, in murder cases I have assisted law enforcement officials. I have also helped to facilitate closure for people who have lost loved ones by communicating to that person who is on the other side. I have also given warnings that have prevented people from losing their lives ... just to name a few examples.

What's the best part about having such a gift? Helping people

What's the worst part about having such a gift? "Because I am a psychic I am also ultra-sensitive to a myriad of things, such as electricity, fragrances, earthquakes, etc. This has something to do with the interaction of my magnetic field and the field of whatever I interact with. Consequently I am prone to severe migraine headaches. I also tend to blow lights and or electrical things out; this is one reason why I don’t wear watches.

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