The Psychics

Jackie Barrett

Jackie grew up in New Orleans with a mother who was a spiritualist and a father who was a medicine man. She is a psychic medium and spiritualist who has been in the business for 23 years. Jackie has worked with the television series "America's Most Wanted," assisted the police in cold-case files across the country and is a member of the Voodoo Spiritual Temple of New Orleans, where she's known as the healer. Read more

Jamie Clark

Jamie, a husband and father, had early signs of his psychic ability when he was just a boy. With the guidance of his mother, who was also a gifted psychic medium, they began to research and explore the depth of Jamie's emerging talents. Jamie accesses his psychic intuition using psychometry, clairvoyance and channeling. Today, Jamie is a successful psychic medium who demonstrates his talents at seminars as well as personal readings. Read more

Karyn Reese

Karyn is a former stockbroker who decided that she couldn't ignore her psychic abilities any longer. Currently working as a professional psychic, she is able to read people through spirits. Karyn's corporate style sets her apart from other psychics. Read more

Zenobia Simmons

From a very young age, Zenobia was aware that she could see things but was not eager to embrace her abilities. She finds that sometimes spirits can be overwhelming and doesn't want to spend all of her time and energy dealing with them. Although Zenobia is content to keep her day job, she is excited to see how she'll fare when challenging her abilities. Read more

Silvana Fillmore

Silvana is a bubbly and energetic Australian who comes from a long line of psychics. She loves to do psychic readings for all kinds of people. Her goal is to empower people to live the best life possible through her gifts. Read more

Joseph McBratney

Joseph is a New York private investigator with a larger-than-life Brooklyn attitude. He has never pursued using his abilities to make a living, but he loves that they are a part of who he is and is eager for them to be sized up on the show. Read more

Lynn Miller

Claiming her psychic abilities has not been an easy road for Lynn. An actress in her early years, she initially didn't head down the right path.It was only after a near-death experience from a drug overdose that she embraced her skills. Since then, Lynn has never had to work hard to get clients, as her abilities speak for themselves. Read more


Naryza was born into an 'empathic' family in Puerto Rico, but considers herself the 'weirdest' of them all. From the age of four she was having visions and dreams, but it wasn't until she reached college that she realized her true abilities. It has been a struggle for Naryza to embrace her abilities because she is unable to turn down the volume on her visions. Although she did work as a medium professionally for several years in her twenties, she now keeps her abilities to herself. Read more

Tori Allah

Tori, a certified teacher, medium, clairvoyant, clairaudient and healer, comes from a family with psychic abilities on both sides. She has had several doctors interview her to find out more about her healing abilities and has participated in many crime investigations. Read more

Catherine Powell

By day, Catherine works at a tattoo parlor and by night she is a master of Reiki (hands-on healing using the body’s energy), teaching her own classes at a yoga studio. She has been a medium for many people who have "passed over" and she's had conscious contact with the dead on more than several occasions. Although Catherine was not always open to her abilities, she now has the confidence to share her gifts with her peers and people in need. Read more

Joseph Tittel

Joseph is a psychic medium, Reiki healer, author and is certified in past life regression. Joseph was told at the age of 14 by another psychic that he would become a famous psychic himself. At the age of 16 he began reading family and friends. Joseph currently works full-time reuniting people with their deceased loved ones. Read more

Michelle Whitedove

Winner! See what Michelle has to say about being America's number #1 psychic!
Naturally gifted since childhood, Michelle has been working her way up the celebrity-psychic ladder with radio talk shows and TV shows. She boasts she is 98 percent accurate with her readings. With many abilities, such as being clairvoyant, an empath and a medical intuitive (perceiving information about the human body) as well as having the ability to channel, Michelle often uses her gifts helping investigators as a psychic detective. Read more

Jeff Baker

As a gay man growing up in a conservative home, Jeff's psychic abilities only added to the fact that he already felt like an outsider. Now a medical intuitive and an empath, Jeff is grateful that he is able to make a living using his natural abilities. Read more

Sloan Bella

Sloan started doing Astrology at the age of 7 and professionally reading years later as a homeless teenager. Not only is Sloan a technically trained astrologer, she is also a life long psychic medium, a practicing metaphysician and the mother of two young boys. Read more

M.W. (a.k.a. Kim Stempien)

M.W. is a driven business-woman who has uses her psychic skills in business and for one-on-one readings with clients. As a result, she owns multiple homes and has a move to Europe planned for her future. She has also recently launched her own magazine called "Precognito(tm)" which is available nationwide and in Canada. Read more

Robin Zodiac

Robin discovered she was telekinetic (having the ability to move or affect an object just by thinking about it) when she was very young but her religious family did not encourage her ability. While attending college, Robin embraced her gift and started reading tarot cards. One of Robin's latest predictions was the death of Anna Nicole Smith; Robin said that prior to her passing, she tried to contact Anna Nicole because she knew the troubled celebrity was in danger. Read more