Travel Hair Beauty Tips

Even if you're just sitting pretty in economy, your hair can look first class after a long flight with the right steps. Salon owner and colorist to the stars Louis Licari gives his tried-and-true travel beauty tips for having — and maintaining! — fabulous hair while you fly.

Kim Kardashian at the airport!Brush it and leave it alone! Even if you're not intent on changing the style of your hair on a plane, I don't think women are aware of how much they play with their hair. Touching your hair will make it dirty faster.
Ponies work! Girls with long hair can put their tresses back in a loose ponytail. This keeps your hair up and off your face and will look amazingly fresh when you take it down upon landing.
Wear a hat. Hats can protect you from more than the sun. A loose fitting hat — something that won't give you "hat hair" — will act like a barrier to keep your hair fresh.
Twist or braid. Plane time is the perfect time to sport a twist or a braid. They always look good — on the plane and after you land. This hairstyle even works when you're on the go and don't have time to wash your hair.
Avoid "Flat Head" with a bun. Remember, if you lean back for the entire airplane ride you will give yourself "Flat Head" by the time you land! Buns work wonders for this. Bring a spray that is either a dry shampoo or perfume. Spray in hair directly or up in the air and walk into it. This will cover any "outdoor" smells or odors from inside the airplane.
Freshen up. Go to the restroom just before the "fasten seat belts, we are preparing to land" announcement. This is the perfect time to get yourself ready to land. Fluff or brush your hair. Women with fine or oily hair should keep baby powder or dry shampoo in their carry on. Brush it through your hair starting at the roots and it will absorb oils and give your hair a bit of extra body.

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