The Best Travel Apps for Your Phone

Leaving on a jet plane? Yup, there's an app for that — and all of your travel needs. Read our round-up of the best travel apps for your iPhone, BlackBerry or Android!

Airline Apps
Southwest Airlines App Book your flight, get a car rental once you land, check in and even get limited-time Ding! deal alerts with the Southwest Airlines App for iPhone.
COST: Free

British Airways BlackBerry AppBritish Airways App Join the British Airways Executive Club and download the British Airway App for your iPhone, BlackBerry, or Android to access your account, track flights and view arrival and departure information. The British Airways App for iPhone even allows you to download your boarding pass.
COST: Free

Virgin Atlantic Flight Tracker iPhone App Track where your flight (or the flight of the person you're picking up at the airport) is on a global map and even play games with the Virgin Atlantic iPhone App. Book, manage, and check-in for Virgin Airlines flights with the Virgin Blue Travel Application for BlackBerry.
COST: Free

American Airlines App With the American Airlines iPhone app, set a parking reminder, monitor your place on a standby list and play sudoku while you wait. Visit to check flight info on your BlackBerry or Android.
COST: Free

Flight Tracker Apps
FlightTrack Pro Flight Tracker for iPhone Track any flight in more than 4,000 airports and 1,400 airlines with this tried and true flight tracker.
COST: $9.99

Android FlightStats AppTrack flights and possible delays around the world on your BlackBerry with FlightTrack (COST: $4.99) or the ezAirport Free Version.

FlightStats for Android Track flights and get global airport information delivered straight to your Droid.
COST: $4.99

Airport Information Apps
Airport Remote Monitor Forget having to search for the information board at the airport! The Airport Remote Monitor for iPhone displays flight status and gate info and even tells you where to go for baggage claim.
COST: $3.99

goHow Airport for BlackBerry Get official airport data from gate information, security wait times, parking lot availability and more.
COST: Free

Currency Converter Apps
Currency Converter for iPhone Find out what your money is worth in over 190 currencies. And once you arrive at your foreign destination, this app works sans internet and minus the hefty roaming charges.
COST: $0.99

XE Currency Converter for BlackBerry and XE Currency Android App Convert over 180 currencies with live, up-to-the-minute rates.
COST: Free

Travel Deal Apps
Kayak App Compare hundreds of travel sites at once with the Kayak app for iPhone, Android or BlackBerry. Book your flight, hotel or car and look up baggage fees and other flight information.
COST: Free

Travelocity App With the ability to find and book hotels, flights and even last-minute package deals, the Travelocity iPhone app is like having a travel agent tucked away in your pocket. Frequent travelers will like this app's ability to find you the next flight out by showing you every upcoming departure.
COST: Free

Before and After Travel Apps

Virgin Atlantic Jet Lag Fighter AppVirgin Atlantic Jet Lag Fighter iPhone/iPad App Give your flight information to this flyer's best friend and it gives you advice about how to battle jet lag by adjusting your sleep pattern and telling you when to exercise and even when to get and avoid light. Best yet, you can use this app no matter what airline you're flying.
COST: $1.99

World Customs iPhone App Find out what's a "do" and what's a "don't" in your destination country with the World Customs iPhone App. Research local taboos, greetings and even gender issues before you touch down.
COST: Free

TripCase for BlackBerry This travel toolkit balances the practical essentials (flight updates, complete travel itinerary) with fun extras like a TripLog that allows you to share photos and notes about your adventure with your friends and family who can access it online.
COST: Free

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