Growing up, Michelle had a passion for dance and committed to classes three times a week, so it seemed only natural to enroll her daughter Amanda, 13, in dance classes just as soon as she could. Her aspirations for Amanda are that she continues to grow socially, gain more confidence and continues to challenge herself everyday so she becomes a very successful young lady. With her very supportive family behind her, Michelle’s advice for "Abby’s Ultimate Dance Competition," is that Amanda remembered that nothing in life is easy, not to expect it to be totally fair and that she should appreciate that she was picked to be on the show. If they won the $100,000 prize, they would put the money in the bank for college and Amanda’s future. Michelle and Amanda currently live in Rochester Hills, Michigan.

About Michelle

What's your favorite style of dance to watch?
Lyrical style because I love to watch my daughter dance and tell a story. She can bring you in by her deep emotions and passion that she expresses so well when performing a Lyrical routine.

What's your occupation?
I am currently a homemaker. We also own a family business that I partake in when I am needed.

What are your hobbies and interests besides dance?
I love interior decorating and scrapbooking.

Would you call yourself a "Dance Mom," "stage mom" or "mom-manager"?
I would call myself a "Dance Mom" because I am very involved in my daughter’s life and want to be a big part of what she loves to do most — dance!

About Amanda K.

What's your favorite style of dance to perform?
My favorite styles of dance to perform would be Lyrical because I can make emotional faces and musical theater because I can be very sassy.

What's your favorite style of dance to watch?
My favorite style of dance to watch would be Lyrical because I enjoy watching people express themselves on stage.

Do you hope to be a professional dancer one day?
Yes, my goal is to be a professional dancer because I love the spotlight.

If you don’t end up being a professional dancer, what other job would you like to have?
I would like to be an actress because I love being on TV.

What's your favorite subject in school?
Language Arts.

What's your favorite color?
My favorite colors are red and pink.

What do you think you are learning about the most from this experience?
I learned to perform in front of professional judges and that you always have to be on your game.

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