Kris danced as a child for four years, from eight years old until she was twelve. A friend originally suggested that Brianna, 13, take a dance class and from there the entire family became involved in her dance career. Kris says that Brianna loves the entertainment field and everyone around her is very supportive of her efforts and goals. Her advice to her daughter for "Abby's Ultimate Dance Competition" is to stay strong, stay focused and have fun. If they win the $100,000 prize, Kris says Brianna would like to make a donation to Make a Wish Foundation and they would also put some aside for when she gets older. Kris and Brianna currently live in Temecula, California.

About Kris

What's your favorite style of dance to watch?
Lyrical because it tells a story and you can feel the emotion.

What's your occupation?
Mother/dance mom.

What are your hobbies and interests besides dance?
I enjoy music, going to the gym and baking.

Would you call yourself a "Dance Mom," "stage mom" or "mom-manager"?

About Brianna

What's your favorite style of dance to perform?
My favorite style of dance to perform is Lyrical because I am able to tell a story and express how I am feeling.

What's your favorite style of dance to watch?
I like watching Improv because I get to see how the performer is feeling in the moment

Do you hope to be a professional dancer one day?

If you don’t end up being a professional dancer, what other job would you like to have?
A doctor.

What's your favorite subject in school?
Either Math or Science.

What's your favorite color?
My favorite color is green.

What do you think you are learning about the most from this experience?
Working with new choreographers has taught me many new techniques. I have also learned that when you think you are pushing hard enough, you can always push yourself further.

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