Kevin Manno

Kevin Manno is currently a radio personality at KBIG-FM in Los Angeles. Previously, Kevin was the host of MTV's daily entertainment show, "The Seven." Live from Times Square, Kevin counted down MTV’s top seven stories of the day giving viewers an edge up on pop-culture news, including celebrity stories and gossip, music, movies, fashion and more. Before joining MTV, Kevin was a regular radio and television fixture in Chicago, serving as an on-air host on WKQX-FM and WBEW-FM, as well a music correspondent for JBTV. Recently Kevin was a regular correspondent on LXTV's First Look on NBC, New York and radio personality at WTMX-FM in Chicago. Known for his quick wit, humor and passion for music, he's reported on and interviewed a variety of celebrities and musicians. When he's not busy working in TV or on the radio, you'll find him spending time with his girlfriend, watching bands or beating his friends in darts.