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Season 1, Episode 3 Song List

By kim_messina Wed., Oct. 24, 2012 ,11:38 am EDT

Abby's Ultimate Dance Competition Dance Routines It was duet week and the dancers showed off their character with extreme dance routines. We've got all of the song information (plus select streams and download links for some of the tunes!) for "Abby's Ultimate Dance Competition" Season 1, Episode 3 below!

Group Dance: "Good to be Me"
Duet 1 - Elisabeth and Madison: "Looks are Everything"
Duet 2 - Hadley and Lexine: "Riches to Rags"
Duet 3 - Amanda and Jordyn: "Internet Legend"
Duet 4 - Tua and Asia: "Ugly"
Duet 5 - Zack and Brianna: "Last One Standing"