First launched in 1992 and continuing through every subsequent presidential election cycle, Lifetime’s Your Life. Your Time. Your Vote. campaign, formerly titled Every Woman Counts, is a nonpartisan effort dedicated to amplifying women’s voices in the political process, encouraging them to register to vote, speak out on the issues they care about and run for office. By partnering with non-profit coalitions, the campaign activates women across the country while providing a forum to highlight the issues women care about most. The campaign includes extensive information online, original polling, women’s events at national conventions, public service announcements, candidate trainings and events that highlight women running for office nationwide.

2008 marked Lifetime’s fifth Every Woman Counts campaign to engage women in the political process as voters and future candidates. As a centerpiece of the initiative, Lifetime formed the first Every Woman Counts Coalition of women’s media and advocacy groups, in partnership with Hearst Magazines REDBOOK, CosmoGIRL! and Marie Claire to reach women nationwide in efforts to get a record number of women to register and vote, to ensure that issues important to women are central to the national dialogue. Throughout the 2008 election season, Lifetime conducted national polls, held trainings for women to learn how to run for elected office at all levels, hosted special events at both the Democratic and Republican National Conventions and held an unprecedented voter registration drive that included an on-air, bilingual Public Service Announcement campaign.

  • “If I Were President…” Initiative: Candid interviews with A-list celebrities, candidates, advocates and women nationwide sharing their top election priorities ran on-air, online and on VOD.

  • Candidate Forums Celebrities, candidates, elected officials, advocates and real women joined together for forums focused on all issues important to women such as ending violence against women, pay equity and women’s health research.

  • Public Service Announcements (PSAs): Lifetime Networks aired English and Spanish PSAs, urging women to register, vote and get involved in the political process. Lifetime also aired exclusive public service announcements with then candidate Senator Barack Obama and Senator John McCain.

  • Every Woman Counts Bus Tour: The bus tour went across the country encouraging women to register to vote and take part in the political process. At each tour stop, women were able to upload videos to Lifetime’s YouTube™ Channel declaring what they would do if they were president, highlighting the issues most important to them. The tour winded across the country making 14 stops in 11 markets, including Denver and Minneapolis/Saint Paul for the Democratic and Republican National Conventions.

  • Extensive Digital Content: Reaching women 24/7 where they work, play and live, the initiative included online, mobile and VOD elements including voter registration and information, live chats, blogs, candidate pages, networking and links to additional resources including a wide range of nonprofit organizations.

  • National Conventions: The Coalition hosted women’s leadership events and star-studded celebrations at the Democratic National Convention in Denver and the Republican National Convention in Minneapolis.

  • Future Frontrunners Essay Contest:Investing in the next generation of women leaders, the winners of Lifetime’s essay contest among high school girls attended national conventions and met top women elected officials, party leaders and journalists.

  • National and Local Polling: Lifetime and the Coalition conducted polls on women’s issues and voting behavior throughout the election season.

  • Candidate Training: Local market sessions we established to train tomorrow’s leaders to run for school board, state assembly, on up to President.

  • Registration and Voter Turnout Drive: Through PSAs, digital content and grassroots events, the Coalition inspired women to register and vote.

  • Launch of Lifetime Live. Lifetime produced a three-part series that aired on Lifetime Live, the Network’s daily information program focused on women professionals.

  • Host of Women.future’s Event. Lifetime Partnered with Women.future’s MainEvent, the first global gathering of business and professional women addressing leadership, finance, market clout and lifestyle issues in a one-day live event involving influential women executives and tens of thousands of participants worldwide.

  • A Town Hall In partnership with ABCNews, hosted a special town hall with candidates focusing on issues important to women, in New Hampshire, days before the first presidential primary. Good Morning America aired segments from the town hall.

  • Women’s Pulse Polls Lifetime conducted a series of polls in January, July and October, probing where women (and men) stood on issues and their perceptions of the candidates and women’s leadership.

  • Candidate trainings In partnership with ABCNews, hosted a special town hall with candidates focusing on issues important to women, in New Hampshire, days before the first presidential primary. Good Morning America aired segments from the town hall.

  • National Conventions In partnership with ABCNews, hosted a special town hall with candidates focusing on issues important to women, in New Hampshire, days before the first presidential primary. Good Morning America aired segments from the town hall.

  • Future Frontrunners In conjunction with the conventions, Lifetime created special day-long information sessions for high school girls who won an essay contest in both Boston and New York. The girls got to hear from women leaders and attend a session of the convention.

  • Participation in Official National Debates Lifetime partnered with the Commission on Presidential Debates to collect questions online from women of what they want to ask the presidential and vice presidential candidates. The questions were submitted to the debates’ moderators.

  • Events in Communities Nationwide Hosted local events for women across the country.

  • Televised Town Hall.Lifetime televised the New Hampshire Town Hall meeting with the National Council of Women’s Organizations, and invited the Presidential candidates to listen to women’s questions, concerns, stories, and respond on-air and online.

  • Launched Women's Vote 2000. Lifetime brought together a diverse group of 75 women, one from each state, to report on-air and online on top issues such as childcare, women's health, family finance, the environment, diversity and their communities. The women were trained on how to ask candidates their stance on these issues, as well as report from election-related activities nationwide, including the primaries and national conventions.

  • Public Service Announcements. Public service announcements on voting and registration were distributed nationwide.

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