4Girls GLocal Leadership works to uplift girls and transform communities by bringing women specialists and undergraduate students from the U.S. to lead development workshops for local girls in poor countries.

Find out how you can help transform the world for girls in gender repressed societies.

The Need: A Global Crisis
Largest in history, 600,000,000 girls in developing countries hold the key to our peace and security. Today – these girls face acid attacks, rape, sex trafficking or death just because they are a girl. They are forced to marry, are pregnant before eighteen and thrust into a perpetual cycle of poverty and brutality. These same girls have the potential to lead their communities and countries to stability and prosperity and end violence that threatens us all, but cannot do it without our help.

How it Works: Global + Local = GLocal
4GGL is a unique multigenerational women’s leadership model that brings together experienced women trainers and specialists from the U.S. with local girl-serving organizations and schools in poor countries to work in equal partnership for girls to realize their full potential. Knowing the transformative power of leadership development, and yet, it is unknown or inaccessible to most girls in developing countries, 4GGL created a glocal innovation – global model for local girls’ leadership development. Today, 4GGL has community partnership requests to impact the lives of nearly 500,000 girls across Asia and Africa.

About the Founder: Jin In
Jin is a mentor for Secretary Clinton and leading women’s colleges’ Women in Public Service Summer Institute and a member of the U.S. Civil Society Working Group, National Action Plan on Women, Peace and Security President Obama signed. She has written for Huffington Post, Daily Kos, Our Bodies Ourselves and Women’s eNews; and wrote her story for Imagining Ourselves, International Museum of Women. Jin is a 2011 James Jay Dudley Luce Foundation’s Luce Leader, 2010 Opportunity Collaboration’s Cordes Fellow and 2007 Global Women’s Leadership Network’s Woman Leader for the World.

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