Robin Rollins

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November 5: Robin Rollins
Robin Rollins: Case Manager for Homeless Veterans
When Robin Rollins left the Army, she had nowhere to go and wound up living in a homeless shelter while continuing her education. Graduating with a master’s degree in social work, she is committed to helping other veterans build new lives outside of the military.

Robin Rollins
Robin Rollins went into the military in 1987, two years after graduating from high school. She entered the Army and went through basic training at Ft. Mc McClellan, Alabama, followed by medical training at Ft. Sam Houston.

In 1990, there was a reduction of troops in the medical field, so she switched to the Navy and went through basic training in Orlando, Florida. She met her husband in the Navy and was married for seven years, maintaining and transferring her status from active to the Reserves. After getting a divorce and wanting more stability, she decided to go back into the Army and was active for another four years. She was stationed at Ft. Bliss when she was released due to developing severe medical problems.

After being released, Robin chose to stay close to the base in hopes of finding support in the surrounding military community as she began rebuilding her civilian life from the ground up.

While continuing her education, Robin lived at a shelter. She graduated with a bachelor’s degree in family and child science, and a master’s in social work, as well as a minor in substance abuse counseling. She then volunteered with various homeless agencies and nonprofit organizations, including Stand Down and the Shelter for Battered Children, as she began to establish herself within the veteran community. When asked to be a case manager for the Homeless Female Veterans and Homeless Veterans with Families Program, she gladly accepted, since she had been doing this as a volunteer and is committed to helping homeless veterans re-assimilate into the workplace.

Facing challenges daily, Robin strives to do her best to support fellow veterans, and feels great being able to provide educational, professional and personal training to all who are able and ready. She spends countless hours trying to convince the distraught homeless veterans of their potential — knowing how tough the battle can be, she never gives up hope on anyone.